Again? Why all the anger?


What is going on in America?

“We are going to hell in a hand basket.” To borrow upon a cliché.

Tonight, my Russian friends and I discussed the rapidly failing American family. I described Russia as an anglo-Mexico. That is a common description amongst us who have been to both places.

The women at the table next to us (it was our reserved table, but we didn’t mind) made a comment to me and I responded about where I was from. She responded with “She is from there.” We went to school across from each other. She went to the Catholic schools, I went to the public schools.

My Russian friend was telling one of my old (new) friends (this has been happening a lot lately???) about how great Russian women are.

As I turned to leave, a man from the other table stopped me. He was that fat.

He looked at me with a wild look in his eyes (and a little too much alcohol blurring them) and said, “You don’t know anything about Mexico. I heard some of what you said to the women and I was not happy with what you said.”

I apologized, “I am sorry. I did not mean to start anything. I apologize.”

He visibly relaxed. And then the alcohol started speaking again.

I went through my apology again. He relaxed. He went back into alcohol mode.

I switched hands. I apologized again. Shook his hand and backed up. And I turned away. As I did that, I saw his friend, brother, brother-in-law trying to egg him on as he went back to the table.


I say this a lot.

But, why all the anger?

I do not believe significantly differently than my grandmothers or grandfathers.

Yes, I had those conversations with my family. My mother’s parents were more socially liberal than I am in their voting. They, unfortunately, voted for ‘yellow dogs.’ Ironically, my father’s family were from Texas. Once my cousin died, on my father’s side, we kinda all left the Democratic party because they were ‘yellow dogs.’

I am very honest. To a fault, I am honest.

All of a sudden, we are told this grand social experiment is ‘great’ for us, yet any rational person would say it is failing.

My Russian friends tonight agreed. “There is more work here. But, there is less family here. We would rather have the work in Russia.”

I agree with them. I agreed with my grandparents.

But, all of a sudden many people think I need to PROVE what I and billions of other people have believed for centuries.


Why do I need to change because you changed?

I am a Texan, from an old line of Texans. We have fought and died for you. Should I then force you to fight and die for me?

Or, should I accept we are different and discuss our differences?

Without the rage?

Without the need for me to defend myself?

Without my fearing your attacking me?


I do not understand America anymore. I do not care where you were born. If you are an American than you should respect this country, or go destroy a different country.

Try China and see how long you live.

Just saying, you know. If you really wanted to make a difference you could go tell the Chinese they are wrong and see how that goes for you.



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