Can we trust a nuclear Iran?


Why are we still discussing a nuclear Iran?

It has been almost 12 years since we were told they were part of an Axis of Evil.

Article on Iranian nuclear talks.

I will make two bold statements.

The first is simple, “We can trust Iran. And we cannot trust Iran.”

The second is even simpler. “We cannot trust our diplomats negotiating with Iran.”

And you say, “Wayne, you left my head spinning. What do you mean?”

Well, the Iranians will ALWAYS behave as Iranians. Their history goes back about 4,000 years. And we can trust them to fulfill their destiny (they are a proud people.)

But, even though we can trust them, there is the other side, we cannot trust that their NATIONAL interests are good for us.

And that is the problem.

Our diplomats DO NOT understand Iranians.

And that should scare all of us.



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