Can Obama tax the 1%?


I just read some articles on the most expensive house & yacht.

Well, I could go into detail about how this shows American economists greatly under-value the Indian and Chinese economies. But, that would be a huge article by itself.

Can Obama truly tax the 1%?

It used to be that the wealthiest people were all Americans, with just a few exceptions.

But, now, I am not so sure.

Yes, I still believe that ALL Americans find ourselves in the 3% wealthiest people in the world, unfortunately, we just cannot do much with our wealth, because our elitists are busy wasting our money before we get it. Again, that topic is a series of blogs by itself.

But, if Obama really wants to tax the elitists, can he? With so much real wealth outside of America, can he even begin to tax the truly rich so he can waste their money?


How to spend a billion dollars on your home office.


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