Are blog statistics exciting?


In one word ‘yes!’


Now that is a longer answer.

I enjoy the unpredictability of what you (readers) like, enjoy, read, agree with, and disagree with.

It is a true challenge.

And it is not unlike playing the stock market. I think.

But, I am always surprised.

Sometimes pleasantly, other times not so pleasant.

But, ALWAYS surprised.

I never thought anyone would care about EVOLUTION…. But, the data is clear.


WOW! I never thought that would be a big hit. And I never thought I would have that many people disagree with me.



I still need to figure out how to better predict what you want to read once in a while. Not every time I write, only when there are competing stories. I can only write so much.

God bless!



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First, I blogged on blogger, then Myspace - soon I was consistently ranked. Next, I quit. Then the blogging addiction came back .... Comments are appreciated. Not nice comments are edited. You can follow me at the top right.
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4 Responses to Are blog statistics exciting?

  1. Wayne says:

    Actually Sam, people like me were not involved in your hate crimes.

    Now, if you are projecting your internal issues upon me, you might just see yourself in your mirror.

    There was not gender oppression – both of MY grandmothers were working during the War, and neither of them were oppressed by their husbands. The women in MY family were NEVER weak.

    I never had a problem with homosexuality being illegal. I do miss that.

    And the people blacklisted were blacklisted because they wanted to overthrow the US government and our way of life …. or didn’t you watch the PBS special on their success?

    WHAT I found attractive was FAMILY.

    I just got back from Russia. You know those bigots like we used to be?

    WOW! The kids actually ENJOY LIFE. They are NOT ALL stressed out about their sexuality. They know what they are, they are proud of it, and they ARE stressed out about finding a job.

    And they all love family.


    • Sam Kriss says:

      so because your grandmothers had jobs gender oppression didn’t exist? don’t be so dim wayne. you have this weird tendency to expand your personal experiences into general themes (you were even lower down the high school pecking order than gay kids, therefore homosexual agenda; your grandmothers had jobs, therefore the 50s were an egalitarian prefeminist paradise). the institution of family is revolting and should be abolished at the earliest opportunity. nice sidestepping the race issue btw

      • Wayne says:

        And because your grandmothers were _____ I am wrong?

        The feminist promises have not been fulfilled. Women DO NOT have a better life now than in the 1950’s

        My Russian friends and I discussed just this tonight.

        And they ALL (women and men) agreed with me …. only the drunk Mexican at the table next to us disagreed.

        He wanted a fight. So, I left instead.


  2. Sam Kriss says:

    in america 1950 you were still lynching black people, there was still institutionalised segregation and rampant gender oppression, homosexuality was illegal, people were blacklisted based on their political beliefs…. what exactly about this do you find so attractive?

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