Another AWESOME interview


As you know, I spend a lot of my time just talking with people about the current state of affairs in the USofA.

So, I just talked with a good friend as I bought camera equipment for my Nikon. I wish they would buy some advertising from me, I would give a GREAT review for them.


Well, we talked about the American culture and its failure.

The economy and its failure.

Marriage and its failure.

The push of progressives to change our culture and how it has NOT been good towards women.

And we were in agreement.

As I have noted before on my blog, less than 10% of people disagree with me when I discuss our modernity and post modernity (YES I really did study for my Master’s Degree).

The MAJORITY of people in our world today agree, when the questions are asked fairly.

The problem with much of our current state of affairs is that they elite are not being fair. They do not want to represent Americans. They only want to represent their GREEDY interest in changing America.

And they DO NOT care if they destroy America. They only care about change. And they define change differently than you and I define it.

Because they control the media, politics, and now our culture.

But, as I discuss this around the world, everyone seems to agree it has not been, and will not become, good for USa, or the world.

That gives me hope. We just need courageous leadership.


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