Why do homosexuals redefine the Bible?


I have noticed that there are a lot of homosexual ‘theologians’ coming forward and claiming that the Bible wrote nothing against the homosexuals.

Well why do they redefine the Bible?

Because they can.

So few people know their Bible anymore.

Few people hear when a quote rings FALSE. So they falsify the Word of God. And then, THEN, they tell me a servant of the Most High God that I must obey their FAKE interpretation.


I follow a long line of Men. Men honored, and troubled to be called, ‘Man of God.’ And I have learned that all of us are human, and all of us are attacked for what we believe and God himself has told us to proclaim.

So, why do people readily accept that the homosexual agenda would be different?

Because most people no longer KNOW God and His Word. So, they do not know my history.

They do not know that the Constitution and the Ten Amendments were about MY HISTORY as a man of God. Progressives took over the education system and they teach a faked American History.

And each succeeding germination has gotten worse than the preceding …..

WE must push back against the liars, and servants of the most low Satan, as they attack the Bible, God, and Christianity.

We must.

They know that the Bible is against them. So, they attack the Bible to change the Bible so their sin is not in the Bible.

So, what about my sins?

Should they not also remove my sins from the Bible? So, that I can freely practice my humanity in my fallen state?

Why don’t they redefine men like me as they redefine GOD?

Because they know the truth.

And they know that releasing the evil within me would be devastating to them. Unlike them, I would not hunt children.

They fear the wrath of God. And they fear that wrath coming after them.



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6 Responses to Why do homosexuals redefine the Bible?

  1. Azevedo says:

    It would be laughable if it wasn’t just sad.

    • Wayne says:

      I agree. But, they do redefine the Bible.

      And so few stand against the redefinition it is sad.


      • Azevedo says:

        Oh, you misinterpreted me. I’m talking about what you wrote.

      • Wayne says:

        Oh. Sorry.

        I thought you knew that they redefined the Bible.

        And that is so sad. Why can’t we redefine ‘gay’ back to being happy?

      • Azevedo says:

        The bible is a literary work and as such is open to interpretation. Be it by gay Christians or straight bigots.

      • Wayne says:


        No. The Bible is the Word of God. Your choosing not to follow God is your choice. And that is not open to interpretation.

        My choosing to follow God is not open to interpretation, nor does following God make me a bigot. And if bigotry is your defense, you have a lot to learn about life. And even more to learn about God.


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