Redefine Gay to mean GAY!


I was preparing to write this, and I checked my comments. One of you was already saying the same thing.

Gay is GAY, and it is not homosexual.

I am tired of homosexuals re-defining EVERYTHING TO FIT THEIR AGENDA.

Redefine homosexual to gay.

Redefine sodomy to sex.

Redefine homosexual rape to mean homophobia – that is a cute trick.

Redefine raping children to be the Catholic Church’s fault.

Redefine marriage.

Redefine the Bible.

Redefine who Jesus was.

And on. And on. And on.


Homosexual is HOMOSEXUAL. It is a sin. It is wrong in the eyes of God and of men.

60% of the liberal voting North Carolinians voted against it.

It is time to listen to the PEOPLE and not the agenda.

No more negotiating or being nice trying to help them fix their problem.

RAPE is their problem – DEATH is the only acceptable answer. All other answers violate my religion ….



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2 Responses to Redefine Gay to mean GAY!

  1. aquarianmist says:

    I am not sure how to interpret your comments. On the one hand you seem to suggest that those opposed to same sex marriage are red necks; while on the other hand you play the religious card. This issue needs serious and constructive comment if those against same sex marriage are to be taken seriously. This issue has nothing to do with morality, religion or politics; it is about what Mother Nature decreed for homo sapiens. Some weeks ago I posted my views on this issue in which I tried to show how politicians are being manipulated by homosexuals using ‘red herrings’ to convince them that they are legitimately being discriminated against. I would appreciate your (serious) comments om my post at

    Paul aka aquarianmist

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your comments!

      I agree that the homosexual agenda is manipulating politicians, the general public, and even clergy.

      However, I believe this has everything to do with Religion, morality, and politics. I believe Mother Nature did not make them this way. If we did ‘evolve,’ homosexuality should have evolved OUT not in.


      I will check your blog out soon.


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