My first gay friendly interview


I have always been honest to a fault.

I met a young lady this evening who thought the gay agenda was ‘ok.’

Ironically, as we talked she admitted, “Most of my gay girlfriends get beat up a lot by their girlfriends.”

But, on the whole, she felt that gays were mostly good people who are just misunderstood.

I told her that I really thought her view was formed mostly by the gay friendly propaganda. But, we disagreed amicably.

But, I still want protection for children from predators.


What say you?

Have you met someone on the opposite side of the fence and discussed politics reasonably?


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15 Responses to My first gay friendly interview

  1. I think you’re mistaken about there not being a gay scene in Russia, from my reading. Everywhere that there are people, a proportion of them are gay (incidentally, homosexuality is also quite common among other animal species – if you google it you will find that is the case). In some societies, eg African, it’s much less acceptable to be gay, but I don’t see this as a good thing. After all, in Pakistan, it’s not very acceptable for a woman to wear a revealing swimsuit,but there is nothing essentially wrong with that, is there?

  2. I know gay people. I don’t see why it matters who you want to have sex with, it’s as arbitrary as saying ‘blonde people shouldn’t have sex with red haired people’. People are people and sex is just sex.

    • Wayne says:

      I have two primary reasons.

      First, children are abused by what many predators do to them.

      And second, it is MY religion.

      Both used to be expected to be protected, even if they were not always.

      Doesn it matter to you that children are abused?


      • Of course it does, I have two myself. But most abuse (just like most sex) is of the straight variety – from fathers, uncles, grandads, priests, step-dads etc, abusing little girls (and of course boys). Let’s say 80% of people are straight (I don’t know, just guessing). Well it’s my contention that so is 80% of abuse – that is, it’s male on female, or female on male. So I say, target the abuse, not the sexual preference angle. What do you think?

      • Wayne says:

        Your guess might be close.

        Statistically, between 80% and 90% of abuse is done by ‘straight men.’ They tend to abuse 1.x children. I don’t remember the ‘x’. But, say the average is between 1 and 2 children per perp.

        Homosexual predators abuse on average around TWENTY per perp. Some place the number well above 20, and other studies place the average in the teens close to 20.

        I would like to get rid of all of perps.

        Are you with me?


      • I obviously would like to get rid of all perps too (although to be fair, some are convicted because they abuse teenagers, and while this is wrong, it’s not the same as abusing pre-pubescent kids). I would be interested to know what studies you base your conclusion on re homosexuals and heterosexuals, though. My research indicates there’s no connection – see

      • Wayne says:

        Start with Kensey and move forward. I have read many studies. And ALL the studies indicate a link.

        My gay friendly friend mentioned that over 80% of her lesbian friends routinely beat each other in domestic arguments.

        That aggress with what I have seen in studies. But, your UC ‘article’ would not seem to agree. I will look at it.

      • Wayne says:

        Your article indicated that the gay agenda was able to move the public opinion from almost all Americans knowing there was a threat to few realizing there was threat.

        Your UC Davis article was propaganda.

      • Hang on, though – if public opinion changes, it’s not always because of propaganda, is it? After all, I’m guessing you want to change it back again.

      • Wayne says:

        No. Not all public opinion is because of propaganda.

        But, my Russian friends who come here are very surprised at how bad it is getting here.


      • Why? What are they surprised about? Isn’t there a thriving gay scene in Russia?

      • Wayne says:


        I don’t think so.

        You really did say that as a joke right? It is only in the ‘western’ cultures that the progressive agenda has been able to convert so many believers …..



  3. Matt says:

    (Though I’m probably a little more emphatically against gay marriage, politically, than Fr. Andrew.)

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