Why do we need an “educated” workforce?


Why do we need an educated workforce?

Because, Clinton, then Bush, and now Obama have given jobs away.

Clinton started it, and gave away the most.

We gave the ‘uneducated’ jobs away, and said that the ‘educated’ jobs would be better to keep.

Now the educated jobs are going away.


Because OBAMA IS PAYING FOREIGN KIDS, not ours to go to college.

If only we were Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani, or etc ….

I don’t think Obama likes us much, do you?


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3 Responses to Why do we need an “educated” workforce?

  1. Enid H. says:

    Where is your proof that Presidents pay foreigners to go to US colleges? Also, don’t you realize that businesses are moving overseas to find cheap labor? Look at your clothes, for example. Find one garment in your closet that’s made in the US. That’s not the result of the President, that’s caused by greedy businessmen.

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