Jesus forgives Gays


I think many people want to overlook the central message of the entire Bible. And they do that often when they discuss the homosexual agenda.

God redeeming his people from a wayward lifestyle is the central message of the Old and New Testaments.

Throughout Scripture, God gives man (& woman, & kids) a way back to him. In the Old Testament it is through obedience of heart and works. In the New Testament it is through obedience of heart and shown by external works of obedience.

Nowhere does God change his message.

Our old lives of sin and wickedness are the old ways, the de-evolving human nature. The new way is to follow his way. His way was culminated by the sacrifice of the Son for all time.

Jesus came to bring forgiveness to those who would follow him.

Changing his message because you do not want to let go of your particular sin is


Rebellion is sin. And telling the Master what you want instead of what he wants is still rebellion.

Even Obama had that Marine Sergeant court-martialed for dis-obedience.

Even Obama.

And Obama was a lot less forgiving, wasn’t he?

Ironically, Obama wants us to forgive others for their bigotry, hatred, and division. But, he is not so forgiving when people tell him he is wrong …. and that is sad, because he is wrong.

Jesus will forgive Gay men and women of their past.

AND most people I have met, want to be FORGIVEN of their past gay lifestyle.

I won’t speak for all, but the men and women I have sat down with and talked to ALL said they did not want to live the MEMORY of those times.

The studies indicate most wish they could erase those memories.

That sounds like they need forgiveness ….. even if you do not think they did anything wrong.


What do you think?

Will Jesus forgive any gays?

Or, is being gay unforgivable?


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