What is USA’s defense worth?


I had a comment which made me think. And then I ask?

What is the defense of the USA worth?

And why aren’t we paying more for our defense?

OK. We have the highest defense spending per capita in the world. We DO NOT SPEND THE MOST …..

China and North Korea both spend more man hours each year than we do ….

So, if you wanted to save costs, you could outsource our military response to the Chinese, like you have our jobs …..

And why didn’t you outsource the 1% …. to the Chinese. The Chinese elite get executed when they mess up, ours just retire as fat cats ….. and yes, our 1% are the elite. And they are WAY OVER PAID.

The bottom line is simple. If China paid their military what we pay our military, and their military production lines were civilian (and paid), the Chinese would be spending more than we are …..

That is a good guess off the top of my head.

But, do the math and tell me how close I am.

PS, don’t forget to thank Clinton for giving the Chinese missile technology for a TEN MILLION CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION (bribe IMHO).



I might be tempted to bribe a president if I got billions in return ….. I would be sorely tempted. I think.

Would you be tempted?


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