Will Obama coming out of the closet help?


What do you think?

Did Obama come out of the closet today because he is a politician? Or, is he gay?

I am not sure anymore. He has done so many crazy things.

He promised to bring soldiers home, he lied.

He promised to put people back to work, he lied.

He promised to hold Wall Street bankers accountable, he bailed them out.

He ….

I don’t have any idea what he is doing.

It is clear that the ‘swing states’ are two-thirds are for marriage. It is clear from voting – EVEN California is for Marriage and against gays.

Was this just because his big spending political backers threatened his money flow?

What do you think?

Do you even think he is a Christian?



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8 Responses to Will Obama coming out of the closet help?

  1. Naphtali says:

    Wayne, I am with you here. Not sure what he is doing except whatever is convenient at the time he needs something to be convenient. Oh, and lets not forget his convenience to pick up votes or more money for more useless wasteful spending. I can certainly vouch he is not bringing our troops home. I live 5 miles from the largest fighter jet AF base in the world. Deployments are a regular around here. I own a small property management company with my husband. In March one of my tenants who had just moved in a house in January was deployed to Kuwait? A couple who own a house I manage moved and he is getting deployed? He is lying. He has also ripped from the service many benefits not to mention firing many officers. So here are two facets of his administration he has lied about. Troops are being deployed and he is firing our military over budget cuts. If I wasn’t a Christian. I won’t even say it.

    • Wayne says:


      I knew I was on a plane load of soldiers coming home from Iraq for Christmas, but they already had orders to return to Iraq in January.

      Why doesn’t the Media pick up this story and report it?


      • Naphtali says:

        Wayne, the general public doesn’t know these things. The Obama Administration keeps it quiet so he can get people to think he is…also the lefts are controlling the media. What I don’t get is the people here where I live see this every day and don’t say anything. Our local paper online announces when they come home to the base after being deployed. Before the President announced his wish to bring them home the paper and local TV news would show big send offs for the troops. Not now. But of course he slashed a lot of their jobs and those left are getting their benefits slashed big time.

      • Wayne says:

        Yes, I see it here as well.

        He is slashing military jobs so he can waste it elsewhere.

        Do we have time to save the country?


      • Naphtali says:

        Yes, God loves America. We are the most charitable nation in the world. He funnels money through us to other nations. And the best part is he is using money from those who have no idea who he is! The one good thing President Obama did recently was back Israel. Nations who don’t have fallen and will fall. So yes, our government won’t save the country but God will.

      • Wayne says:

        Great comments! When will the Media report the truth?


      • Naphtali says:

        That is a hard call. When you have the George Soros’s of the world behind the media it will take a God movement! I believe God is going to pour the Holy Spirit out over the nation/s especially here. What do you think Wayne?

      • Wayne says:

        I pray he does. But, I fear he may not. We have neglected him for a very long time.

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