Why do Progressives hate marriage?


Why do Progressives hate marriage?

Honestly? I don’t know.

It does not make sense.

60 years of damage and marriage survives.

But, still they hate marriage.

And the greatest irony? The one that I do not understand? IS THEY GET MARRIED AND WANT TO BE MARRIED.

They just don’t want others to be happy.

Look at Hilary Clinton … When Bill gets up on stage, she glows like a school girl.

Cute? Sweet? Yes.

But, why don’t they want another men and women to enjoy marriage?

I don’t get it.

Marriage satisfaction is known and proven. The benefits of marriage are known.

Even gays think marriage might make them ‘gay.’

But, why can’t married people be encouraged to be happy?

Great marriages save society TRILLIONS of dollars. It is the second best thing for our society and economy …. God is first. Employment is third. And, family is second.

They should want family to succeed, shouldn’t they? Think about ALL that MONEY!

Don’t they want more money? Aren’t they borrowing MONEY? Trillions?

So, why don’t they want to use the money they save from families?

And all that extra tax money?

Yes, married couples make more money …. They actually earn more ….

So, I really do not get it?

They do not want others to have the same happiness they find, and they don’t want more tax money so they can waste it.

Does that make sense to anyone?



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8 Responses to Why do Progressives hate marriage?

  1. joesix says:

    That does not make sense. Progressives love marriage so much that they want interracial couples, gay couples, atheist couples, straight couples, immigrant couples, Christian couples, mentally disabled couples, and even North Carolinian couples to marry.

    • Wayne says:


      It is great to hear the other side being reasonable.

      Thanks bro’!


      • You lead with a question like that, I can only assume that you are not really looking for reasonable discussion. It’s called poisoning the well, and it’s generally frowned upon.

      • Wayne says:

        Yes, it might be poisoning, if it was not true.

        That was first.

        Second, isn’t it more fun to use progressive rhetoric against them than for them?



      • This episode of the Dunning-Kruger effect, brought to you by Wayne.

        have a ball!

      • Wayne says:

        Hey! If you can’t beat them, join them. Right?

        And you must admit, the last 60 years have been terrible for marriage.

        60 years of failing marriages all brought to you by an experiment …. When do we admit it is failing?


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