I was attacked by a gay man


There are a couple of people who seem to think being ‘gay’ is cool. One actually wrote that they should be protected because THEY are the victims.


I was a blessed one. So, now I can stand up for the un-fortunate who were not blessed.

The studies indicate 10% to 15% of American adults were sexually abused by gays.

I read one study indicating 30% of some groups of women may be victimized …. that is a lot.

OK, I was ‘attacked’ by a neighbor when I was a teenager. I was 15. So, I was NOT pre-pubescent. Nor was I trying to ‘flirt.’

He gave me a hug. And a hug would not have bothered me. Although I thought he was weird. But, his words changed my life.

“This isn’t right is it?”

I still get creeped out.

My first response was “No it is not.”


I cannot imagine what my life would have become had I said a modern, “Well poor you. You need some love, because you were not given your ‘equal rights.'”

Then I prayed a quick, “Save me, God!”

He let go.

Ironically, I went through all the classic symptoms of victimology. It was just words. No sex. No physical damage. And I, as an adult, would think there should be little emotional impact.

But, as a man, I KNOW there was HUGE emotional and psychological impact.

For months, I worried I might be ‘gay.’

It did not help, that the ‘gayest’ kid in school was constantly hitting on me. Saying things like ‘you are cute,’ etc.

Talk about a true identity crisis. I cannot imagine in today’s world going through that crazy time.

Finally after a couple of months of: not being able to sleep; fear of being ‘gay;’ guilt that it had to ‘be my fault;’ not sure what any of it meant; and with no one to turn to ….

I realized something ….

Women turned me on. Men did not.

When I woke up with a dream about a sexy woman flirting with me, it dawned on me …. I am a man, and I am attracted to women.

Yes, it is a curse.

But, what a joyous curse women are.

The result?

The confusion had prevented me from pursuing several lady friends who had flirted with me. Naturally, when a young lady shows interest, she doesn’t remain positive if the man does not return interest.

In a small school.

This episode had destroyed my ‘dating’ pool.

So, I did something only a crazy genius would think of doing, I studied human sexuality.

I started with Kinsey.

Read that again.

I started with Kinsey and his report on male sexuality. Next, I worked on his report on women. I never got far with that one.

I learned a lot about what makes us ‘tick.’

And I learned what is being hidden today.

‘Queer’ is ‘queer’ for a reason. And ‘queer’ is NOT ‘gay.’

The classic studies showed that clearly. The gay agenda criticized and attacked the classical studies. Then they published study after study to ‘correct’ the previous findings.

But, at the end of the day, there is one simple problem.

‘Gay’ is not ‘happy,’ ‘gay’ is ‘queer.’

It is not normal for man to be attracted to man. It is not normal for a woman to be attracted to a woman.


But, the other facts covered up are pure and simple.

Gays (men and women) assault more children than any other group.

There are 10 times as many ‘heterosexual’ pedophiles. But, ‘gay’ pedophiles tend to assault over 20 children each ….. lesbians also injure higher numbers of girls.

And the second fact covered up, sexual assault is the LEADING reason people turn ‘gay.’ The confusion around a sexual assault (it is not prettier if you call it seduction) leads many young men and women to turn to homosexuality as an answer. Ironically, around 90% of those assaulted by the homosexual agenda REMAIN heterosexual. But they usually have problems with sexual dysfunction.

If children are NOT protected, then the only honest answer is to do to the gays what the Bible said to do.

Execute and remove the problem.

I was attacked.

I was made a victim.

But, I kept my dignity.

I remained a man. Thanks and glory to God.


Don’t confuse my willingness to discuss this hideous problem as weakness.

I am willing to control my anger, in order to gain protection for our children.


There are many times more children attacked today than when I was growing up.

The plague needs to be contained, and stopped. Unlike a plague of the flu, there is no vaccine. Instead, real men and real women need to step up and call FOUL what is FOUL.

WE must push back against the EVIL EXPERIMENT.

And we MUST push back against the EVIL LIES IN THE MEDIA.

Homosexuals are seldom victims, unless they are victims at the hands of a homosexual.

They have more rights than our children.

THEY ONLY WANT RIGHTS TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THEIR ILLNESS. And protect them when they attack others.

That is the reason they want in the military. FREE medical treatment. And lots of potential ‘friends.’

The other reason they want rights? They can then get paid to adopt ….. it is about the money, the power, and the control of their victims. No more.

I do not mind being civil if that will help the next generation.

But, other than that, the Biblical answer is to KILL them.


Do you realize child rape would drop two thirds by removing that 1% of our population?

Who are the elite? Who are trying to injure our children?

Let us fix the problem while we still can.

Do you want children to be safe? Are you with me?



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