Why? Does our State Department care?


human rights.

I get the fact that he agrees with me. I hate abortions. But, why is the State Department supporting anti-abortion activists abroad? And not here in the USA?

But, why doesn’t MY State Department care than MY government is discriminating against me?

Instead of spending a hundred thousand dollars on a foreigner, why doesn’t MY government PAY me what THEY owe me?


Why are we ‘spreading’ democracy?

I understand being thankful for France helping us out during the Revolution. But, their democracy led to Napoleon – thank you very much.

He led to Texas fighting for our freedom from his tyrannical rule.

But, if we know that past democracy failures have led to world-wide wars, why are we attempting more?

Why does my State Department want hundreds of thousands to die? Millions to die?

Where are the peace activists saying, enough is enough? Or do they only go to work when the ‘community organizers’ pay them to?

Haven’t you noticed? ACORN paid people to show up and throw the last election, and Obama quietly got elected.


Outlaw lobbyists.

Term limits.

Cut political retirements 80% until they balance the budget.

Cut State Department funding 80% until ALL political activism is stopped.

Throw everyone in jail who ever worked for ACORN.

That might get some attention of the political terrorists.



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