What is child abuse?


I told you it was full moon.  I cannot count the number of people parking in handicapped parking ….. Parking lot after parking lot was almost empty, but people would park in the handicapped, pretend to limp four or five steps, and run into the store.

But, the WORST was at the theater.

The gay girl raised her voice with a “I am so gay, ‘The Avengers’ were not.”

Remember I told you they got loud?

That was the point.

So, me thinks.  “If she thinks it is too straight, maybe it is at least OK.”

So, I go to the movie theater.


But, good men are often given the opportunity to do the right thing.

So, a former employee of the theater showed me how to use the ticket machine.  Good thing, trying to find a single movie out of the menu was not the easiest thing.  But, alas! the movie was sold out.

So, I spoke with the former employee.  Remember?  I do talk with a lot of people.  And he agreed, America has changed for worse.

As we stood there.  3 women walked up.  They were behind me.  He said, “Oh no.”

I turned.  One woman was middle-aged.  The other two were teenagers.  One of the teenagers fell down.  The other two tried to help her up, and she fell down again.  And again.  They got her on the bench.

The old woman tried to find something in her purse.

Then she hurried the girls.  The one fell down again.  They tried to drag her.  She walked a few steps and fell down again.

I turned to my friend, “I think I need to see if she is ok, or if she is drugged.”

We parted.  By that time, they seemed to be to their car.  But, they were almost in the middle of the aisle for that lane.  The old woman was going through her purse.

I asked, “Can I help you?”

Anger is not becoming …. It is just not becoming when you have a young woman? kid? on the ground who looks like she is drugged.

What did I do?

I got a great description, license plate, and called the police.

Can you guess what I wish I HAD DONE?



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