Tomorrow! Why everyone is turning Gay


I have tried to ignore this blog for some time.

But, this weekend, I need to write about why everyone is turning Gay.

That may not be the physical tomorrow. Because it will take a lot of time to write.

But, I need to work on this.

So, in preparation ….

Have you ever wondered why everyone is turning ‘gay’ now?

Have you ever thought it was odd? Strange? Maybe even, the ‘q’ word?

Then let us work on that …..



About Wayne

First, I blogged on blogger, then Myspace - soon I was consistently ranked. Next, I quit. Then the blogging addiction came back .... Comments are appreciated. Not nice comments are edited. You can follow me at the top right.
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2 Responses to Tomorrow! Why everyone is turning Gay

  1. Gaya says:

    I have the same research question in mind, actually that’s how I found your post:google 😉

  2. joesix says:

    Well, that will certainly be exciting. Your article, I mean, not when I suddenly become gay.

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