I am working on the day everyone became ‘Gay.’


This is WORK!

Trying to write the truth and not offend the ‘gay’ friendly opponents, who say they are not gay.


I gotta laugh at that.

In High School, we had some ‘gays.’ One was my best friend. Was he gay? I never knew. One of the others? He was ‘flaming.’

On one of HIS ‘flaming’ days, he came to school wearing makeup and lipstick.

As he passed in the hallway, he made some of his usual strange comments.

Then he reached over and tweaked my nose. I pushed him away, he slapped me, and the ‘fight was on.’

I wasn’t much of a fighter, or I woulda killed him. To this day, it is still creepy.

We get taken to the principal’s office. We both get in trouble.

That was the old days. When gay was wrong. I got in trouble for a gay assault.

Now that gay is so-called ‘right? How far do the offenders go? How much do they sexually harass other kids?

How far do adults go in their seduction of teenagers? Older teenagers of young kids?

So, where is the protection?

Where is my protection?

I believe my self-defense should have priority. If a gay attacks me, I should be able to ‘shoot to kill.’

Let us pass a Constitutional Amendment giving states the opportunity to pass State by State laws for civil arrangements for ‘gay’ couples. Include in the Amendment the right to ‘shoot to kill’ in self-defense. Give children an absolute safe zone. And parents the absolute right to have those who hurt children tried and executed.

Sounds like a major compromise to me – I like the Biblical model. Never give them a chance to breathe ….


How about you?



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