WHY should I hate YOU?



I have noticed the modern progressive secular agenda makes our discussions angry.




Why do people with an agenda want me to HATE them?


I thought the Taliban were so supposed to be hateful?  I thought they were angry?  I thought they were killing Americans?  So, why has the progressive agenda become so angry?


If we disagree, can we disagree respectfully?  Or, has the progressive movement joined the Taliban agenda?  


Have you noticed how since 9-11 it is wrong to be a Patriotic American?  But, it is OK to attack America?  And to attack American values?


Did I miss that memo?  Was there an email somewhere?  Or, was it a blog post?


Maybe I missed the kool-aid in Kindergarten?


I remember going to California for Graduate School.  I went to study Religion.  I am interviewing the Assistant Dean of the School of Theology to see if I wanted to study militant feminist theology there.  That is the only hint about where I was.




The Assistant Dean suddenly yelled, “What are those?”


The Texan in me thought quickly, “Scorpions come in pairs, but they are not a threat.  Mice.  Not a worry.  Rattlesnakes in the plural?  They are rare together, but they could get through my boots, and would be a threat ….”


I thought, “WHAT?  REALLY?”


I looked down, and the only thing there were my boots.  I still wear them occasionally 16 years later.  


She took a deep breath.  “Oh those are not exotics are they?”


I answered, “I cannot afford illegal boots.”


“Oh.  I should caution you about wearing those on campus.  Someone might try to hurt you.”








Hurt me for wearing boots?  Defending my country?  Doing the right thing?



SUNP0066 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




But, not for attacking America?


Maybe I do understand why they want me to hate them …. maybe it is because they want to become my enemy?


What do you think?


Is it illegal to wear cowboy boots?




Black English riding field boots

Black English riding field boots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)























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