Sex in marriage is GREAT!


We live in a strange day. We are bombarded by bad messages all around us. Sex sells. We know that.

But what they don’t tell us is that GOOD sex sells, bad sex does NOT sell.

That is why they want “R” rated movies rated PG-13, and “X” rated as “R”. PG-13 SELLS!

X-rated movies are not a high-profit genre. It is not as profitable as the other types of movies. But, Hollywood does not want to be limited by their audience ….. But, that is a different blog.

People LOVE good sex. That does not mean we understand the ‘other sex,’ but it does mean that MOST people have a great and long sex life.

I did not do very well in the dating world growing up. So, I studied human sexuality to help me understand. What I discovered was simple. Married people had better sex lives.

The first indicator was in Kensey’s report. The complete liberation began with Shere Hite’s book.

She made a slur about Christian women, because that was the only way she could understand Christian women being more satisfied with their sex-lives.

Several studies lately have confirmed that.

Many people who spend 20 years together have brain scans much like newly weds.

About two-thirds of first time marriages stay married.

So, if so many people are happy, happily married, and having a much better sex life, why isn’t that ever on TV?

Non-Conservative married Christian men have a better sex life than do young men sowing their wild-oats and reading Playboy ….

Why the prejudice. Why the bias. Why the hate?

Why can’t great people be accepted?

Why can’t they be treated EQUAL?

Since good marriage is so much cheaper than bad divorce, why aren’t they encouraged?

What about their rights? What about the rights of the children to have a great family?

What do you think?



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