Govt wastes 17 million dollars on ‘market research’


CBS just reported that the Federal Government spent 17 million dollars on market research. They want to know where they will need to put electric chargers in the future.

Success was not supposed to be using the equipment …. They intended to not use a seventeen million dollar investment?

Than it was intended to be WASTED.

Million dollar parties in Las Vegas are not the only indicator that Washington is out of touch with real Americans.

What do you think?

Would you like some of that money?

I know I would like my percentage back …..

Would you like yours back?


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2 Responses to Govt wastes 17 million dollars on ‘market research’

  1. joesix says:

    I’d like to get my money back from the last twelve years that went to support wars I never agreed with, abstinence-only sex education I never agreed with, a drug enforcement policy I never agreed with, and continuing to mint the penny. The only problem with “taxation with representation” is that sometimes you aren’t represented enough.

    • Wayne says:

      We are in agreement? Are you pulling my leg?


      ObamaNam was never a good idea. Militarily you cannot change people who do not want to be changed, unless you do it through Hollywood …. I guess the elitists thought the Arabs would be as easily converted as America has been.


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