“If it is not broke don’t fix it”


Have you ever heard, “If it is not broke don’t fix it?”

Do you know the reason behind that?

It is simple. You often break something when you fix it. Or, you uncover even bigger problems.

So, what has happened for the last 60 years?

The progressives have broken society in the name of making it better. And the problem is they keep getting worse.

They never want to let society heal from one of their new-fangled experiments. And worse, when they do something like this last president, they just want to go on and do more.

“Bush was bad.”


He ran up about 4 to 5 trillion in debt in 8 years.

Obama told us Bush was un-patriotic. OK, I will agree with that so far.

“Obama is change we can believe in.” Let us see what we get that we can believe in.

He ran up 6 trillion in 4 years.

Isn’t that more un-patriotic than Bush was?

Washington is broken. We must fix it.


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