9 year old hero


Every now and then, there is a heart-warming story. Unfortunately, this story like so many was because of tragedy.

A nine-year-old boy went to school after tragedy at his home. He bravely told his teacher(s) that his family was attacked. His mother was dead, his father gravely wounded. Another sister dead. And many more injuries.

All because a murderer invaded his home and took out his parents.

But, the boy was still able to go to school where he could get help.


Why is there so much more violence in the USA than there is in drug-war-torn Mexico?

Or, several other war-torn countries?


When will the progressive agenda be held accountable for the damage they are doing to America and our way of life? The way of life that everyone wanted 100 years ago.

Now, they come here for Welfare Checks …. Like Obama’s aunt did. He is part of the 1%, but he couldn’t afford to take care of his own aunt?

Then he should get a second job …. maybe then he would work more than 8 weeks a year.

OK, back to the tragedy.

Yes, even if we did not have the terrible progressive experiment, this tragedy could have happened. But, at least 10 times as many violent events happen than should happen.

Our violence rate is HIGHER than Mexico. Or, at least it was when I checked the CDC numbers last year.

I pray that the perpetrators will get their reward they earned.

And I pray that some form of normalcy will return to this little hero and what is left of his family.

I would rather have fewer heroes and less violence ….

Don’t you?



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