What is the war really about?


Al-Qaeda operatives were caught in Germany.

They had recordings hidden in pornography tapes. The recordings indicated long-term and short-term goals for Al-Qaeda.

Why are they fighting us?

Why are we fighting them?

What is the war about? Why did they attack? Why did we attack? What is the war all about?

I don’t get it? It doesn’t make sense to me. Does it make sense to you?

Why a 12-year war? Why were they attacking us for a decade before that?

Is this just a war to fulfill Osama’s agenda? If so, how did he get all of Islam to follow his lead?

Don’t give me the liberal garbage …. How many ‘liberal’ Muslims do you know standing up against this craziness? If it had been in reverse, you would have American liberals marching in anti-war parades every year ….. wait, they are doing that anyway, where are the liberal Muslims?

OK, that is not my real point ….

I really don’t know what this is about.

For decades it was about power and money. Control. But, the last 3 decades? How do you get millions of young people to follow such a crazy agenda?

I don’t get it.

Is this a war of Christianity?

Our government is building thousands of Mosques – I know, it is unconstitutional, and they allow their allies to destroy thousands of Christian Churches …. Why build mosques? I don’t think this is about Religion.

I might be wrong.

But, what is driving their anger.

I wish I knew.

Do you know?


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4 Responses to What is the war really about?

  1. Logic says:

    Do you know that the statue of liberty has already debunked the Bible all these years?
    Come undo the secret at
    [removed advertisement]
    Or log on here to know why God doesn’t exist.
    [[removed advertisement]
    Fight terrorism with logic instead of bullets. Wake up the idiots from the delusion of God.

    • Wayne says:

      If the Statue of Liberty debunked God, we would not have had Churches over the last 150 years …. So, that did not work.

      God does exist.

      But, taking away the bullets and using logic are great ideas.

      How do we do that?


      • Logic says:

        Churches were built because people want to believe in God.

        The logic is so simple, if the creator or God exists and he gave freewill to all criminals to mess up our lives, whereas parents will never allow their own children to do anything close to that. Then these parents are wiser and humane than the creator or God.

        Therefore how could God exist when we are smarter than him? Think about it.

        To fight terrorism, we must learn how to debunk God. That’s my site is about, terrorists flew planes into building because they believe in God. Simple as that. As long as the world knows God doesn’t exist and good at debunking with logic, there is no place for terrorists to hide.

      • Wayne says:

        Parents sell their children.

        Your logic was quickly debunked.

        Parents who sell their children do NOT sacrifice their other son to save them. God did.

        That is “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.”

        And their logic is NOTHING like our logic. The Arab/Iranian/Muslim mind is very different. Why else do you think parents would encourage so many children to be suicide bombers?

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