Again, I ask, can’t we respect our women?


I have blogged on this recently. But, let me change my angle of attack.

I know. That is a flying term, but bear with me.

I love to FLY.

OK this is from Harvard: How Women Can Flourish in the Workplace

I believe Vineet Nayar supported my view more than he supported his view.

I believe most women do NOT want to be forced into business and management. I believe the ‘progressive’ attitude that until we have 51% of our high paying jobs filled with women we have not achieved equality is a FAILED argument.

The reason we do not have pay equality is that many women choose lower paying jobs outside of business, management, and sales.

Like Nayar pointed out, Universities are not able to maintain the ‘growth’ of female students they want. Even though, the women they do have are excelling!

It is not that women ‘cannot.’ It is that women do not want to.

In my experience, more and more women are rejecting the social agenda placed upon them. And most women WANT to be mothers.

Is that wrong of a woman?

It is not that corporations CANNOT find ways to work around a woman’s needs to keep her in the corporation. It is that more women do not WANT to find themselves in that position.

I have argued here, and elsewhere, for years that women are no longer content with the propaganda that they are not supposed to be mothers.

I meet young women all the time who are tired of the agenda forced on them.

So, why not accept that women can BE WOMEN?

Why does a young woman going to college have to desire anything other than a good husband and a family?

What is wrong with that?

I am not saying that women won’t become great professors, doctors, scientists, politicians, or CEO’s.

But, I am saying that I am willing to accept women as women.

Why can’t our society do the same?



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