You must respect the New Age Mom?


Why can’t we respect the traditional mom?

Why are new age and progressive good terms? What good have they done?

Bring jobs to America?

Capitalism and business men and women did that.

Make America great?

God and soldiers did that.

Set women free?

Christianity did that with some help from people who took over the movements.

The great part of our education system was begun by Christianity, and then liberals took over.

Freedom was fought for by Christians and then progressives and liberals took over.

Once the Christian principles of every movement has been taken over by liberals and progressives, the good in the movements has died.

Take abortion.

The initial movement was to save the women who illegal practiced abortions. We did not get a great drop in deaths, but the number of abortions climbed.

Abortion Deaths.

While we were promised legalizing the activity would be great for America and American women.

The data does not support that. If anything, it shows things stabilized in regards to abortion.

Everything I have seen about moral issues in our society indicates things plateaued or declined for our country, not that they have improved ….

So, which is it?

Is a traditional mom a bad thing? Why is it a bad thing?

Why has it become so ugly?

Why can’t we celebrate our mothers? Why can’t a woman be great for being a mother?



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13 Responses to You must respect the New Age Mom?

  1. joesix says:

    Mothers still are respected for being mothers. One woman made a comment about how motherhood isn’t an job directly affected by the economy. That was it. That was the entire war on mothers.

    • Wayne says:


      I just came back from ‘Russia.’

      I can tell you, our society has changed for the worse. They are like we were.

      THERE mothers are still respected. AND they work.


      • joesix says:

        I just came back from Bulgaria (where I lived for two years) and I’m currently living in South Korea. Mothers are respected and work in both countries, but they’re also trapped in loveless marriages, are regularly abused by their husbands, literally starve themselves if they weigh more than 110 pounds, and are treated like inferiors in the workplace even when they’re in the higher position. Childcare is seen as a responsibility exclusively for the mothers on top of all the other housework. America isn’t much better, but at least we discuss a lot of these problems.

      • Wayne says:


        I agree. But, is discussing a problem worth all of the new problems we have created in our society?


  2. joesix says:

    The only thing more ridiculous than believing a single omnipotent being created the entire universe is thinking that such a being would care at all about the petty political squabbles of our 200 year old nation.

    A woman can be great for just being a mother, just as a man can be great for just being a father. But she can do even more by not chaining herself to the ancient belief that she is meant to devote herself entirely to her children.

    My mother is the strongest woman I know. She has worked outside the home for almost all of my life. I celebrate her achievements in raising me, excelling in business, and perpetuating the idea that gender is just a chromosome.

    • Wayne says:

      I agree with most of your sentiment.

      But, recently Mrs. Romney was disrespected because she is A MOTHER.

      For all the discussion about how far we have come, it is sad that we still have women attacking women.

      Don’t you agree?


      • joesix says:

        Mrs. Romney was disrespected because her husband implied that she represented the average working woman even though she’s never worked outside the home. Don’t get me wrong, it was a low blow and it’ll cause Hillary Rosen to be ostracized from the Democratic party for at least a few years. However, the Republicans are going to have a hard time appealing to women by keeping it an issue until November, especially when their conversation starts to take your approach that motherhood is the only noble profession for women.

        It’s sad when women attack women, and it’s sad when men attack women, and it’s sad when women attack men, and it’s sad when men attack men. We’ll always have our petty squabbles among each other, no matter how much our society matures.

      • Wayne says:


        I agree about the squabbling being bad. But, I am not saying motherhood is the only noble profession.

        What I am trying to say is “Mothers used to be respected for being mothers. Now most mothers are disrespected like Mrs. Romney was disrespected.”

        I think that is sad, and I think you agreed with that in your last paragraph.

        Can we restore respect for mothers?


  3. We should celebrate all mothers, liberal and otherwise. Progressives have taken things because they care more about them.

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