China invades 5 countries


Why aren’t we reading more about this?

China invades 5 countries.

China has expanded their territory into the territory of five countries. And of course, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea would make eight.

We might deal with the others later.

But, the first five have been pretty much overrun. While all countries are allowed a reach of about 200 miles from shore, it looks like China is trying to claim beach front property in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei (Yeah, it is really small).

But, the other four have 440 million people. So, they might not like China taking their beaches.

Why is China doing this?


You know the stuff. The stuff every angry liberal says America fights every war over. They say we invade other countries for oil …..

So, why isn’t this on the evening news on every channel?

They are taking an area the size of Texas. Bigger than Texas and Alaska …. maybe even throw in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And this is all over OIL. Unlike liberating Afghanistan where there is no oil (that I know of); the South China Sea is strictly about taking oil from other countries.

And since they are doing it in a better aggressive manner than America would, it most likely won’t cost China their soldiers, and annexing all of that sea will make them a lot of money.

So, why is it OK for China? Why aren’t the angry liberals and liberal conservatives writing, reporting, and talking about this?


New update at: China.


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