Why is War Peace?


Why did our “peace President” get the Nobel Prize for “peace?”

We (His administration leading us) have invaded more countries than the previous three administrations. In “invaded,” I include hostile military operations, invited or otherwise, and I include destabilizing operations – subversion.

Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran (really? That one is a guess), Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Chad, Sudan, and countries like Mexico, and Columbia.

Mexico, Columbia, Afghanistan, and Iraq had troops from previous administrations.

Now, my information is casual and open source. So, it might be wrong. And like I said, Iran was just a guess.

But, what about the others?

Why aren’t reporters embedded with the fighting units? Mostly Special Forces …. and drone strikes. I forgot Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, and Mali.

I am tired, so please forgive me.

Why? I thought the angry liberals wanted to get rid of guns in America so fewer people would be KILLED? Is it really so that they are the only ones who can KILL other people?

Why so much anger? Isn’t violence the result of anger (aggression) or fear (self-defense)?

Are they angry at all of these countries because they are Patriotic Americans and are offended?

Then what offended them? What caused the anger?

Is this self-defense?

Then who attacked us?

Are they reacting against evil? Like FDR against Hitler murdering over 30 million?

What was the evil this time?

Are they making a statement like Texans did in the Alamo? Like FDR did after Pearl Harbor? Like Lincoln did during his Gettysburg Address?

Then tell me what they said?

Why is all this done in silence?

I think there is only one reason.

Do you watch the TV series CSI? Or any other who dunnit shows? They are trying to catch someone who is killing people, but doesn’t want anyone to know about it? The psychopath? The psychopath has an agenda. They want to change the world into their view of the world. They want to make their world ‘a better place.’

The angry liberals have an agenda.

For, 20 years, they have let muslims murder Christians around the world.

Now, they are over-throwing governments which PROTECTED Christians.

Now, Christians are in greater danger than they were 4 years ago.

Psychopaths have a target. That is why they want our guns. That is why they do this in silence.

Be scared.

You read my blog, so they know who you are.

What do you think?


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