Why are so many Evolutionists ‘Trolls?’


I know I shouldn’t feed trolls ….

But, why do so many Evolutionists start silly arguments?

Trolling is someone starting silly arguments on a web forum, or blog.

Why? Isn’t there ANY intelligence to what they believe? And I guess that must also be the root of the problem. They do not like the term ‘believe.’ Don’t they believe what they say is true? I know I believe what I say is true.

Their knowledge system is messed up (epistemology). It is really messed up.

I know my faith in God is real. That is part of my epistemology. I do not require them to believe in my God. That would be silly. They do not have any reference to him.

But, it is equally silly to spout silly arguments and expect me to believe their arguments.

I got tired of silly pseudo-‘science’ in High School. By the time I got to college, evolution had already changed greatly. And by the time I realized how MUCH stupid stuff passed for ‘science’ in evolutionary circles, I was tired of silly, old, illogical, and WRONG arguments.


Why not real facts? Why not simple facts? If it is so easy to prove, why so many mistakes? We have had evolution for 200 years …. when will they finally ‘get it right?’ (note: Darwin was not the first, nor was he the founder of evolution).

I would think that there would be more agreement. But, even evolutionists argue with themselves …. Very little agreement beyond the large-scale frame-work.

Will it ever get intelligent?

Or, will it always be the belief system of weak-minded people? Note: I don’t usually disparage people because of their arguments. But, I am tired today. And I am tired of silly arguments.



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2 Responses to Why are so many Evolutionists ‘Trolls?’

  1. G7 says:

    Its not only evolutionists that are trolls. Many, many Christian fundamentalist troll facebook and atheist debate websites telling people to come to Jesus or risk frying in hell for eternity.Not to mention the problem on youtube with random “Jesus Lovers” trying to post about him and tell people they are going to hell for watching a led zeppelin video. I know this is pointless for me to post this since no one changes their mind on issues like religion; but that is a part of the evolutionary process to help individuals survive and cope. Because we all know after our (belief) world is shattered we are left to cope with despair. God bless all christian (if he exists) and Atheists.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for you comment.

      I get your point.

      My question was why there are so many atheists who troll.

      They won our public schools, they changed Science, they get to indoctrinate our children.

      But, they still want what? What is it that makes them unhappy, because they do not have it?

      Why do they troll?

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