Wow! I never thought cats vs dogs vs babies would give me insight into the whole internet thing.

But, Jerry Coyne has done just that.

He showed the power of followership. He told his readers to skew an online poll. And they did.

He did not use the power of persuasion, rather he used the power of suggestion.

And the results were huge.

Personally, I would vote for a baby. Because, if evolution is true, we would have evolved a greater sense of protection towards children than towards puppies, or kittens.

Don’t you think? The survival of the species would have required a genetic hard-wiring to protect children, don’t you think?

So, doesn’t the fact that he could skew this poll suggest that evolution might not be true?


Why Evolution Is True

In a hubristically misguided attempt to exercise his power and squash all competitors, P. Z. Myers tried to pharyngulate the cats-vs.-dogs-vs.-babies poll atPajiba, and so far has failed miserably.  I urged readers to vote their conscience (i.e., for cats), and they came through.  P. Z.. noting the absence of squids, just told his sycophantic minions to vote for “none of the above”.  For a while that category was swelling alarmingly, but ailurophiles have come back in spades.

The current standings are shown below:

I didn’t realize that the contest runs until May 10, so, despite the huge lead, we mustn’t be complacent.  Vote for the cats.

In the meantime, as promised, I have randomly selected a cat-voter to receive an autographed copy of WEIT.  Taking all voters in consideration on two threads, the winner is . . .

glenister_m, which links to Michael Glenister, a…

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