When I went to college, my parents did not make as much money as Obama’s grand-parents. But, they made too much money for financial assistance.

And I went to a public University.

When I went of for a Master’s Degree, I could not get Federal Loans, so I had to take out private loans.

Enough of the game playing. I am tired of paying off his debt and his wife’s vacations.

Go to WORK. You are no longer a senator who can pretend to work 1 day a week. You are president.

Fix the economy, pull the gays out of fox-holes (protect the soldiers), bring the soldiers home, and quit playing politics.

What do you think? Am I being too kind?



After being accused of being “out of touch” by his leading Republican rival last week, President Obama trotted out his “middle class experiences” for journalists.

The president said he went through much of college and law school on scholarship, as did his wife, Michelle. Still, they had to take out student loans that they were paying off nine years later. (The couple had $125,000 in debt when they graduated Harvard Law School in 1991, which took them a decade to get rid of.)

When he and Michelle met, the future president was driving a $500 car with a rust spot that was so big you could see the road through it.

“I knew my wife wasn’t marrying me for my money,” he joked to online journalists gathered at the White House.

They had to scrape together the down payment on their first home — “a modest condo.” They also had…

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