What I would ask about Evolution if I could


I know you are probably not following the other conversation on my blog about Evolution.  But, it is there.

And it does ask this one question.

Where is a readable book, or books, about the similarity between chimp DNA and Human DNA?  And where is the same about Neanderthal DNA and Human DNA?

I have looked and looked.  And I cannot find anything which is readable.

And I do read a lot.  And I read at a solid technical level.

I just try to write so everyone can understand.

Thank you friends, whether or not you have seen the book(s) I am looking for or not, doesn’t matter.

I thank you,



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5 Responses to What I would ask about Evolution if I could

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  2. Wayne,

    I read something tonight about Francis Crick who discovered DNA.
    He said that he thought DNA must have been seeded throughout the planetary system by an intelligent life form.

    He thought it must have been aliens.

    So who seeded them?

    Who created life and matter?

    DNA is a code, gnome, sequence of information much like a program and it defines all being and functions.

    So who was the programmer?

    The laws of physics?
    Who was the law giver?

    They speak of order in the universe

    • Wayne says:

      We keep hearing that. NASA said their main purpose was to find life on Mars …. to prove we came from Mars.

      Then Obama redirected NASA to perform inter-faith missions with Muslims.


      So, much for separation of ‘church and state.’

  3. Hi, I don’t think there is a book out there that will answer your questions. The chimp genome is just too new to have bee analyzed to the extent that a generalized lay person level book could come out about it yet. However, there is much about primate genomes such as the mitochondrial genomes that is known. In fact hundreds of complete genomes from modern man, neanderthals and the new denisovan sequence and hundreds of different chimpanzees are sequenced. What they tell us about variation in population and populations origins has been examined in incredible detail. Some very easy to read description of this population biology stuff can be found in Francis Collins book “The Language of Life” which I would highly recommend everyone read for a basic understanding of the human genome. It also includes a discussion of race which examines variation in our mitochondrial genomes. “The Language of Life” was written for the general public but he also has another book entitled “The Language of God” which covers some of the same material but from a consciously theistic viewpoint. Hope that helps a bit.

    • Wayne says:

      That will help.


      But, I still want the resource books. I can handle deep writing, I am beyond a layman in this area of study. But, I want more than, “My ‘opinion’ says, ‘xyz.'” I want the data.

      I have been able to see through some of what has been presented to me on my scale. And I don’t like that. I want to deal with truth, not fantasy.



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