Reading material


Every now and then one of you contribute to my library of research material on Evolutionary Biology (usually called EvoDevo, short for Evolutionary Developmental Biology).

Whew!  I just got a mother load from one of our friends.  You can find the articles at: Max Planck Research Institute – Neanderthal Study

Yep. I r a geek.


Sometimes I just read to read. I read two books last night – SCI-FI. HEY! Even I have to take a break once in a while. OK, more often than once in a while. And I had to skim the last part of the second book, because my neck did what it is doing now as I type.


I will do an article report for you all. I know this deep stuff is not as fun, so I will boil it down for you.

Again, thanks for reading and responding. I really do enjoy the knowledge transfer.



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