I am writing this kinda free hand, so forgive me if I don’t get my numbers quite right.

I apologize if evolution is not what you want to read about, because I need to address Extinction.  I capitalized the ‘E,’ because Extinction should be a major field of study under Science, just like Physics.

Currently, 3 to 5,000 species go extinct each year.  Currently, none are replaced.  See Raup’s book Extinction.  I won’t go into the same detail here.

But, it is important to do some simple math.

First, 1 billion years of significant evolutionary forces.  Over this time there have been most of the ‘evidence’ built up that we have in rock.

There are millions of species alive today.  Most are plant, or sea life.  Insects make up most of the animal kingdom.  Again, this is off the top of my head.

If over the last four million years we have had that same average, we would have had at least 20 billion or so species.  And we should have seen species evolve over the last 100 years.

Yes everyone points to bacteria, and other ‘one-cell’ organisms and viruses.  I have yet to see any ‘REAL’ evidence there.  All the data I have seen is either DNA manipulation in the lab, or other man made (forced) changes.  The changes are little more than breeding would be in dogs.

None of this appears in the real world.

Extinction does.

It is glaring.  Every known species has a half life.  Just like radioactive elements.  But, you DO not read about it.  Unless you read a lot like I do.


Honestly?  I think evolutionists are stymied by some simple questions.

Abiogenesis; Extinction; Specie’s half lives (related to extinction); and Transitional Forms (aka missing links).

The only one of the four dealt with much if any in real literature is the ‘missing link.’  But, it is under represented.

I think it is because the answers are not easy.  And the truth is elusive.  And even more difficult is the reality.  Every major theory dealing with these over the years has been discounted.

You develop a theory, and your theory is eventually disproven.  It is much easier to seek funding, and a long career, when you area of research seems to be longer lived than the other areas.

What do you think?

Will we see a return to serious science in these areas?  Yes, I am using hyperbole in this question.



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2 Responses to Extinct

  1. limey says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I understand that evolution had been observed on at least one plant species that was imported into The USA. I would need to search it out if you want more detail.

    With regards to extinction. I don’t understand what your point is. Evolution has created a wide variety of species and human activity is helping to wipe them out.

    One point that does occurs to me. If there really were that many species before extinction and evolution is false, then would the ark really have been able to take them all?

    • Wayne says:

      Your ark question is one of the few questions that I am not certain how to answer regarding the Bible.

      It is also seldom asked. And I find that puzzling in more ways than one.

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