That was a powerful prayer


I had planned a really great, IMHO, April Fool’s article for you today.

Sorry, but I have spent quite a bit of time answering yesterday’s blog.  And I really feel I should respond seriously to yesterday’s prayer …. April Fool’s jokes aren’t very serious are they?


I do pray for the demise of our intellectual greats.  Our education of our next generation has fallen apart.  We are so busy pursuing narrow special interest groups; we forget the important elements of education.

Ironically, that was not the problem when we had prayer in school.  Was it?

We would struggle to put another man on the moon in 6 years.  I am not talking about financing it.  We could not finance the venture.

But, if the Chinese asked us to put their man on the moon, we probably couldn’t do it in 6 years.  Yet, we went from almost scratch and did it before in 8 years.

I believe that the removal of God from our education system has contributed greatly to our demise as a leader in education.

I believe God has removed much of his protection from our country.  While he performed miracles for us in WWII, we turned our backs and claimed the victory for ourselves.  And going into the 1950’s we (the Supreme Court and a small special interest group) decided he was to be discriminated against.

Never before in the history of man has a group of people so powerfully pulled their ‘god’ down from public display.

The ‘God’ of our Fathers has almost been completely removed from our history books.

My ancestors were on that Mayflower.  And they did not follow any secular ideals when they came.  They escaped the growing persecution of God in Europe.

Now we are told to remove God from the laboratory.  We are told to assume ‘God’ will not change the outcomes of our experiments.

I have not seen that study.

But, I have seen studies on prayer.  And it is proven that prayer does something.  No one wants to admit that it points to God, but they know that people who are prayed for have better survival rates than those who don’t get prayed for ….

That is why we have chaplains in hospitals.

Yesterday’s prayer seems to have struck a chord, albeit a negative one for the most part.

But, spiritually, we sometimes begin with a negative before we can move to a positive.

I know I did on my journey.

I hope and pray that our ‘scientists’ will discover the God of Creation.  The God who ordered the ‘Big Bang.’

The Big Bang itself proves God exists.

So, does abiogenesis.

And so does the ‘god particle.’

All three require God.

Even with our great intellect today assisted by computers, we cannot get around ‘god’ in our equations.

Without God all three above fail.

The Big Bang requires God to get the correct speeds necessary to match our current known speeds of galaxies.  Abiogenesis should speak for itself.  God is needed to hold the Universe together in the apt named ‘god particle.’

How are you praying?



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