The attack on women


I have mentioned the re-definition of words. Jenn does a great job explaining some key words that the angry activists have been spinning as they attack marriage and Christianity.



by Jenn Giroux

Everywhere we look we are seeing accusations that there is a “War on Women”.

Despite what we are being told, the “War on Women” is not some evil plan orchestrated behind closed doors by conservative male politicians and Catholic Church leaders.  In reality it is quite the opposite.  

It actually began before the sexual revolution took hold in the 1960s.  It began with the “War on Words” which ushered in a time when women were stripped of their true identity and fed a steady diet of false feminism and moral relativism.  Continue reading

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2 Responses to The attack on women

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    • Wayne says:

      Anniegirl referred to my blog, and I am thankful of that.

      Many years ago, and many blogs ago, I made the self-determination that I would accept disagreeing points of view (POV’s) on my blog.

      However, I think I disagree with Anniegirl in more than just words. But, I will leave that up to her readers.


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