Anna gives a thorough review of Ray Kurzweil’s book “Singulairty.”

She analyzes and writes well. So, she is worth your time to read and ponder.

What we are designing in laboratories scares me. Sadly, researchers are not talking about where they are taking humanity ….

Thanks Anna! I enjoyed reading.



Recently, I have discovered the world of Ray Kurzweil. For those of you who know who I’m talking about, you may understand my amazement in his ideas. For those of you who don’t know much about him, I’d suggest looking into his research, companies, and predictions into the future. I’ve definitely heard varying opinions of this guy, but I don’t think anyone can doubt he is incredibly genius. His most famous and most recent book is titled The Singularity is Near.

I have just finished the first two chapters of this chunky book, and my jaw continues to hit the ground harder than the time before. Sometimes when you study a particular piece of literature, or when you read about an exceptionally intelligent human being, you find yourself dumbstruck when you can’t produce a word of opposition. A huge part of science is having doubt, educated doubt. But sometimes…

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