Is Marriage the greatest aphrodisiac?


How do you think I am going to answer that question?

Now, hold that thought a moment.

People have searched for aphrodisiacs for thousands of years.  And they have made a lot of money off of some pretty weird ones.  I think Rhino horn is the weirdest one I have read about.  They grind it up and drink it in tea, I think ….


I am a visually stimulated man …. OK, I have to be honest.  I am a pretty normal man.  Just about anything gets to me.

In fact, I had better get back on topic, or I will think things I shouldn’t ….

Marriage.  We are told that it is the “Battle of the Sexes.”

We are told all sorts of things.  Women are called the “Old ball and chain.”

You know, I have always wondered why she had to be old …. why can’t a wife be the young ball and chain.  Or, the cute ball and chain.  I know.  Wayne!  Get back on track.

I heard a Jewish radio commentator say that 40% of couples who had been studied after 20 years were found to still be passionately in love.  They conducted MRI scans. And then showed the subjects a picture of their spouse. They compared these scans to scans from newlyweds. Their brains from the married couples lit up the MRI images like they were newlyweds.  

I checked on the internet when I heard that, and there were articles saying just that.


Well, we know why they say the “Brain is the largest sex organ.”

But, none of this is why I asked our original question.

One of the same two Jewish commentators also said something like “studies have shown that conservative Christian couples have sex about twice as often as 20 year old couples living together less than 6 months ….”

And are you ready for this ….

And he said something like, “And they are even more satisfied with their sex lives.”

He said that Jewish couples and Catholic couples closely follow the deeply religious Christian couples, and they were followed by married couples …. and they were all followed by the couples in their 20’s living together ….

And I checked and found that study.  It was last year, forgive me if I don’t look it up again ….

And all my friends ask me why I want to be married?  Are they crazy or what?

Seriously, a help mate is much more than a sex partner.  She is God’s first gift to man.  And she is so many other things.

But, if someone is telling you that pornography is good for them, then really, they should know that MARRIAGE IS EVEN BETTER FOR THEM.

Unless they ruin themselves with too much pornography …. etc.

Yes, I believe that marriage is the greatest aphrodisiac. And I believe it is the BEST!

What do you think?

Is it time to get married?


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3 Responses to Is Marriage the greatest aphrodisiac?

  1. Purely.. Kay says:

    This line “She is God’s first gift to man. And she is so many other things.”.. says it all. I don’t even think I need to add anymore with this comment :). I loved reading this

  2. Matt says:

    Great article (and great blog)! As a married person, I can certainly see the truth in what those radio commentators were saying.

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