The death of a man called Hitchens


I am an unusual person. I do not speak ill of the dead, and I do not misrepresent my opponents.

But, it is a strange day we live in.

It is common for people to misrepresent what other people believed. And this is done just to further an agenda.

I lose no sleep over the death of Christopher Hitchens. He was a famous Atheist. And he just passed away.

However, I do not wish him any ill will.

And there is where I see a problem.

I believe his death reveals a deeper problem than his life. We have become exceedingly intolerant towards “Religion,” “Faith,” or whatever else you want to call “God.” Misplaced faith is not in humanity’s best interest. But, an intollerance of people just because they believe differently is in opposition of humanity’s last 4 centuries of progress.


A man has died. He now knows the truth. Let him come back from the dead and tell us what he saw.

And that will happen. A man will return from the dead and tell us what he saw. It will be a different man. Everyone will marvel.

But, until that time, we all face our future with one certainity – we will die.

Like Hitchens, we should all choose to live a life we consider rewarding to ourselves and those around us. I disagree with what he lived for. But, I can admire his courage to live for something.


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