Can my readers answer Professor Jerry Coyne’s assertions?

Heck!  Can I answer his assertions?  Honestly, I cannot.

First, I have asked the good professor to support his assertions that:

“The problem is religion,” and “Religion poisons everything.”

Professor Coyne made those comments in a blog titled, “Dr. Coyne gets religious pushback“.  He made those comments in regards to Evolution.

Instead of an answer or answers, his readership called me a “troll’ for asking a simple question.  And at least one reader called me “stupid.”  Was I impressed by their intelligence?

This is from a group that is assumed to be composed of “… academics, professors, scientists and researchers. There are a few musicians. And at least one librarian.”

Here is what I do know.  The last 50 years have seen a degradation in our culture, our politics, our schools, our families, and even our “churches.”

So, I do agree that there is a problem.  And I do agree that something has poisoned America.

Do you agree there is a problem?

Back to Professor Coyne’s context for his statements:  “The problem is religion.  Until America becomes less religious, we have no hope of educating people about the wonders of evolution.”  And his other context:  “Religion poisons everything.  The National Center for Science Education can put out the fires in school boards and courtrooms, and the rest of us can teach ourselves silly, but not much will change until we weaken religion’s death grip on America.”

I do not agree that faith in Evolution would be the solution.  I can appreciate that he would like others to believe his message.  But, faith in Evolution seems to be the belief among Professor Coyne’s readership.  Unfortunately, since making his statements he has remained rather quiet on the subject.  He only seems to respond when he feels a poster is personally attacking him.

Personal attacks are not my style.

I do not think personal attacks further anything, and personal attacks are terrible logic.  Besides, all I want is a simple question answered.

His silence does beg questions, “Was this the response he gave the students?;” “Did he ignore good and simple questions?;” “Did he attack those students he felt were attacking him?;” or “Did he answer any questions with supporting data?”

OK, over the last two hundred years, liberalism followed by progressivism has taken control of our education system.

Some of the changes have been good.  And some of the changes I like, even though I think they were for the worse.  One change I like, is that I did not have to take 2 to 4 years of Latin in High School and then again in College.  While, I do think studying the Classics is a good thing, I am glad I only had 2 years of Greek and 1 year of Hebrew.

These belief systems have taken control of trillions of dollars in resources and expenditures.  And these beliefs have taken over hundreds of Christian Universities, Seminaries, and Colleges.  And most if not all publicly funded Universities and Colleges.

Ironically, the University which pays his salary is one such institution.  The University of Chicago was started by Baptists.  It still has a liberal divinity school.  Where you can learn about Islam …. what happened to the Baptists who founded the school?

Great academic freedom encouraged research, debate, and differences of opinion throughout most of the first one hundred and fifty years of the Republic.  But, the last fifty years has not seen much academic freedom.  IMHO.

OK.  I cannot support his wild claims.

Can anyone support those claims?  Or are these claims falsified?

I believe they are false.  It is much simpler to believe that the degradation of society is connected to the degradation of Christianity in America.  There is no support for Faith in America becoming stronger over the last fifty to one hundred years.  There is support that Evolution has become stronger.  Atheism has become stronger.  And as guiding principles, I would think that neither Evolution or Atheism is better than the “Ten Commandments,” “The Gospel,” “The Golden Rule,” or “The Sermon on the Mount.”

What do you think?


PS, I am re-writing this to reflect suggestion from a friend.  So, check back.


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2 Responses to Can my readers answer Professor Jerry Coyne’s assertions?

  1. shadow8pro says:

    Interesting how your “readers” are nowhere to be found. Personal attacks aren’t your style? Well, we’re not all so enlightened, and you are, as evidenced by your posts and comments, an [personal attack removed], or, at best, an “educated” [personal attack removed]. “Faith” in evolution is not required because what’s true, what’s proven, (and in the case of evolution proven over and over and over and NEVER ONCE disproved) requires no faith at all. Faith (in the religious sense which you obviously intend) is the province of the uneducated and the willfully ignorant.

    “It is much simpler to believe that the degradation of society is connected to the degradation of Christianity in America.” Easier for whom? For [personal attack removed] like you? Believe away, but the truth, the reality is, that society has not degraded but become, in many places, enlightened: Christianity is a pox, and the cure is science – as it almost always is.

    How embarrassed you must feel. But probably not, because embarrassment requires a level of awareness you’ll never reach.

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