Why does Extinction matter?

Well?  Does Evolution matter?

Why does it matter?

Before we look at why Extinction matters, let us look at Evolution.

And before Evolution, let us examine things that we do know matter.  Take the Stock Market.  If we lose faith in the Stock Market there are immediate consequences.  These consequences are measurable.  And these consequences matter.

Let us take confidence in the US Dollar.  If confidence is lost, markets around the world drop.  The dollar loses value.  Other currencies gain value.  And often, gold prices rise.

Let us look at the US President.  He promised to bring soldiers home in 2009.  In 2011, Iraq told him he had to bring our soldiers home.  He finally brought the soldiers home from Iraq.

Measurable.  Quantifiable.  We can still disagree on the importance.  We can still discuss whether or not the President could have brought soldiers home earlier.  We can discuss if silver is better than gold.  We can say that the Stock Market was always a gamble.

But, we can measure these.

Can we measure Evolution?

Mr. Freeze taught me that Scientific Method gave me ways to determine “Truth.”  I can measure if the weight is 2 pounds or 1 kilogram.

How would we measure Evolution?  Is it change over time?  Is it speciation?  Speciation is a verifiable new species.  Is it breeding?  What change are we looking for when we measure Evolution?

Or, are we ignoring Scientific Method?

I have never read, or heard, of a single case of true speciation.

Yes, I have read and heard about many examples which support speciation.

But, never one example that was speciation.

So, why Extinction?

The current era of Global Warming began centuries ago.  It has ben encouraged by Human pollution.  And this era has led to more extinctions.  Plants and animals are dying off.  Once author wrote in his book on Extinction that the number of species dying each year was many thousands.  I would safely reduce his numbers to about 2,000 species a year.  Every year.  For a very long time.

Extinction is measurable.  Sometimes we mistake an Extinction.  Coelacanths are an example of that.

But, we know dinosaurs are extinct.  Again referring back to Extinction, by Raup, the life cycle of the average species is very short.  It is around one hundred thousand years.

We can measure these things.

We cannot measure Evolution.  I predict that we will soon start doing so in the lab.  But, in real life, evolution of a species has never been observed.  What is usually substituted for evolution of species is the adaptation of species into different breeds.  Dogs have many breeds.  And we can measure that adaptation of many thousand years.

I would expect, that if evolution was as important as some people make it out to be, we could measure it.

Just like we can measure Extinction.  The opposite of an Extinction Event is a Genesis event.  Creation, if you are so disposed to all it that, should occur almost daily.  Most days, we should be able to go out and watch a new species evolve from an existing species.

We watch species die.  If evolution were important, we should be able to watch them be born.

What do you think?


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