Dr. Coyne gets religious pushback

The good Professor got juvenile inquiry.  Honestly?  I am surprised.

I am glad that he met students who challenged him.

I am one of those learners who just does not like to be told, “Because, that is what the book says.”  I do not learn from that.

It is excellent that this High School teaches their students to inquire and even to challenge the status quo and establishmentarianism.

Isn’t that what academia was about for centuries?

I wish the experience had not saddened him.  No one needs bad days in their lives.  However, I am excited that students were able to say to themselves, “I wonder if he is right?”

Why Evolution Is True

I am dispirited. I’ve just returned from a two-hour lecture and Q&A session at the Woodlawn Charter School, a public school run by the University of Chicago on the South Side of the city.  Some of the high-school biology students are reading Why Evolution is True, and I gave a presentation on the evidence for evolution—with a tiny bit about why religion prevents Americans from accepting evolution, for I was asked to mention that topic—followed by an hour of questions.

Some of the questions were good, and some of the students really interested, but there was also a lot of religious pushback.  One student, I was told, sat through the entire lecture muttering about how she shouldn’t be forced to listen to this stuff since it went against her faith.  Another student’s “question” was to inform me that she was offended that I said that Adam and Eve never…

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