Chinese pollution drives climate change


For years I have said, “True believers in Global Warming, now Climate Change, would move to China if they really wanted to change the future of our planet.

Well, now BBC says I was right.

BBC says Asia’s pollution is driving climate change in the Pacific and beyond.

I am amazed at how the ‘smartest environmentalists in the room’ cannot figure out simple things like how much more pollution a Chinese factory produces compared to a US factory, and how much more pollution there is in transporting from China than there is from Ohio.

But, I really think the smart environmentalists are not as dumb as they pretend.


Because most of them belong to the filthy stinking rich 1%. They do not pay their share in taxes. They exported American jobs. And THEY CAUSED global warming so they could get rich and richer.

They must be smarter than you and I are. We are not rich.

Don’t you agree?


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2 Responses to Chinese pollution drives climate change

  1. tildeb says:

    Pollution – meaning airborne particulates – are only small part of climate change. It’s the rising CO2 levels that is the driver of human caused climate change.

    And your assertion about environmentalists being the 1% to make money from climate change is delusional. Seriously, medically, psychologically delusional.

    • Wayne says:

      Actually, Al Gore IS the 1%, and Al Gore IS the cause of climate change, he created Climate Change after his creation of Global Warming failed, which was just after he created the internet …. turning off snide remarks …

      Over 60% of the 1% are progressive elitists, but they tax other people to re-solve their carbon emissions, and tax other people to pay for their programs.

      And when the programs fail, government programs almost always fail, they blame something else, and experiment again.

      Global Warming is CO2, Climate Change was shown in this article to be the result of POLLUTION.

      And I have said for years, moving the pollution base (and MONEY) to Asia was not in the interest of the US of A.

      That is why they talked about Global Warming first, EVEN when they KNEW global warming was a hoax. It took China 20 years to catch up and surpass the US in CO2 emissions. Now that they have passed US, the progressive elite moved on to a different problem. It is now a pollution problem.

      And now China pollutes too much, and they produce too much CO2.

      It is a never ending cycle. But, had Al Gore gone to China, he would have FIXED something …. And gotten filthy stinking rich ….

      Don’t you want to send Al Gore and all of his cronies to China?


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