Russian sponsored terrorists in Ukraine


Phone conversations have proven Russian sponsored terrorists are in Ukraine. And they showed that the counter-terrorist officer killed was a planned assassination ….

And who do you think knew where the counter-terrorism commander would be for an ambush?

The GRU (Russian Intelligence) is operating at full capacity in Ukraine.

Kyiv Post.

Please keep praying!


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China with illegal guns has more than the US

A recent criminal bust in China has pointed out what gun rights proponents have always said, “Making guns illegal will mean that only criminals have guns.”

Well, I would correct that to ‘criminals, cops, and presidents.’

I will show the article, and then to make up for the pain I am in, I might rant a little bit, before I get to the takeaway.

BBC Article.

Over 10,000 assault weapons, including a BUNCH of machine guns, over 120,000 illegal weapons.

Once smaller city, out of hundreds of big cities.

This would be like Fort Worth, or Indianapolis making a huge gang bust. And surprising even Chicago.

Were they planning a war? I do not know, but they had enough weapons to arm a US Infantry Division and an extra Battalion. Minus the vehicles.

That was a lot of war fighting capability – and I would note, almost all of the assault weapons are not legal in the US, and even our criminals do not usually have machine guns.

I think the takeaway from this is at least two fold.

First, the US system works much better than most people realize. Yes, our media could paint the picture better. But, even with all of their negative description of guns in America, most police officers welcome armed citizens.

Second, China, and much of the rest of the world, is much more violent than the US is. Our media glosses over the reality. But, the reality is there. We live in a very violent world. And the US is well above average in the quality of life that we get to live.

And I would add a third take a way ….

Guns do not make the American fabric of life. Guns are not what make US American instead of our being Chinese. Neither is the English we speak. But, guns are a byproduct of our greatness. Not as toys like most of our computers and smart phones. But, guns are a byproduct of freedom loving people who are ready to defend that freedom.


Guns are the byproduct of criminals as well, criminals who want to control people.

But, for US, guns are the byproduct of mostly freedom loving Americans ready to defend our country from the enemies living in this world.

God bless America, for just as long as He will bless US.

Don’t you agree?


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Western powers allow Russian invasion


I do not understand why European and USA leaders are so willing to let Russia continue to invade Ukraine. Why are they so intent upon allowing Russian Spetznaz and former Ukrainian Berkut paramilitary forces start a civil war? Why are they willing to let the GRU start another major war?

This is such a scary repeat of so many Russian failed operations.

I do not understand what is happening.

But, I do know, Europe and the US were not reading Russia properly. They did not think Russia would fight back against their continued social experiment world wide. They really believed that if they became gay, Russia should just become gay also. The believed that if they overthrew enough countries, eventually Putin would just step down.


What would have been the American reaction if Putin had gone around the world, overthrown governments, and replaced those governments with his ‘friends?’

That is the RUSSIAN view of what happened over the last 5 years.

Unfortunately, Ukraine got stuck in the middle. Someone always gets stuck between the two bullies when the bullies say they are going to fight.

And this time Ukraine got stuck.

But, why are western powers allowing this to happen? Why so much talk and no action?


I think Obama wants Russia to cause massive bloodshed, so he can feel ‘justified’ in a counter attack. Forget the fact that many more people would die this way.

Forget the fact that this would probably end up in a major war, maybe even WW3.

Forget the fact that a large number of Russians and Ukrainians would die needlessly.

Remember that we, the US of A, can no longer afford a major war, a drawn out war.

Obama has bankrupted US.

We cannot afford to allow Russia to invade, or start a civil war in Ukraine. We need to keep this war – CHEAP.

And the best way for a cheap war is NO WAR.

Do you think we can stop the war?


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Chinese pollution drives climate change


For years I have said, “True believers in Global Warming, now Climate Change, would move to China if they really wanted to change the future of our planet.

Well, now BBC says I was right.

BBC says Asia’s pollution is driving climate change in the Pacific and beyond.

I am amazed at how the ‘smartest environmentalists in the room’ cannot figure out simple things like how much more pollution a Chinese factory produces compared to a US factory, and how much more pollution there is in transporting from China than there is from Ohio.

But, I really think the smart environmentalists are not as dumb as they pretend.


Because most of them belong to the filthy stinking rich 1%. They do not pay their share in taxes. They exported American jobs. And THEY CAUSED global warming so they could get rich and richer.

They must be smarter than you and I are. We are not rich.

Don’t you agree?


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Russian LTC takes command of Ukrainian Police


It just gets crazier and crazier in Ukraine. It is now a proxy fight between Ukraine (backed sometimes by the Western Powers) and Russian forces (they are already in Ukraine).

Sadly, western powers and countries are ignoring the problem they helped create.

Just like unemployment, excessive outsourcing of American jobs, over-taxation, underperforming congressmen, Syria, Libya, Egypt, the explosion of single-mother homes, the problems children face when they are forced to grow up with out fathers, AND all of the other progressive failures we have experienced over the last 70 years — Ukraine is being forgotten.

If there is a success, the progressives scream it on the front page of every news show.

But, their failures just rot in place.

The US encouraged the regime change in Ukraine, yes the old guy was corrupt. Yes, the old guy had a great relationship with Putin and hated Obama – big deal.

When will we support the people we have failed?


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Live cam video of violence in Donetsk


Keep praying for peace, but with all of the explosions, I am not sure if peace is an option for long.

You have to wait for advertisements, and I think a lot of people are watching.


The ‘protestors’ will leave this government building soon, it is on fire.


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Russian invaders attack Ukraine


The slow long war begins. Russian para-military have seized police buildings and opened fire on Ukrainian police in multiple cities.


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Russian Para-Military forces in Ukraine


Russians in new uniforms have taken buildings in Ukraine.

It looks like Russia is preparing for another invasion.

Russian with new equipment.

Ukraine calls emergency defense meeting.

I am praying for peace.

Will you?


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Raising money for the Ukrainian military


Ukraine is outclassed and out-financed by the Russians. Some of that is the Ukrainian mafia, but a lot of that has been Russian planning.

Ukraine is to Russia like Mexico is to the USA. There is always talk of taking care of Ukraine by Russia, but Ukraine always gets the lessor deal. Mexico does slightly better when trading with the USA.

But, we can help. We can help with money.

Kyiv Post Article.

Ukrainian Military Crisis Fund.

Can you help?


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US Navy prepares to deliver new fuel


The US Navy has developed a new fuel which they can make while at sea. This would be a game changer.

Of course, as you read their article, you notice that the fuel will cost between $3 and $6 a gallon. And that makes me wonder if the price increases of the last 5 years were caused by the US government so that this fuel would be competitive?

International Business Times.

Basically, they will use catalytic converters to break out CO2 and Hydrogen from the sea water, and then turn those gasses into a liquid fuel.

What do you think?


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