Is Evolution true?


I wonder about this often. Sometimes, my thoughts are light, sometimes my thoughts are deep, and I meditate about Evolution. And I read way too much.

First, I do not believe Evolution would change who God is.

But, Evolution does things I do not think a Theory should do.

First, Evolution changes our world view (Religion) without reason. Most evolutionists say that Evolution does not do that. But when you study Evolution, the same evolutionists say that it does.

And maybe many theories change us, but I do not believe Evolution should.

Second, there are two groups of evolutionary scientists. The Cosmologists and the Biologists. Evolutionary biologists just do not write in the same style as the cosmologists. Most of the astro-physicists I read sound like Scientists.

Most of the biologists do not sound like Scientists.

The first group spends much less time arguing against their peers and against God.

And maybe my reading is only anecdotal, but the difference between the two groups is painful for me to read at times.

Have any if you noticed this, or am I the only one?


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The problem with Noah’s flood


Evolutionists always tell me Noah’s flood could not have happened. They ask, “Where did all that water come from?”

Well, could the water come from where the Bible said it came from? Compare this Bible quote with what Scientists found out in the BBC article. They found a type of rock … Rocks that had to have had water when they were formed, but do not have as much water in them now.

In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month—on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. 12 And rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights.

From NIV Biblegateway.

Dr Sally Gibson from the University of Cambridge, who was not involved in the work, commented: “Finding water in such large concentrations is a hugely significant development in our understanding of the ultimate origin of water now present at Earth’s surface.”

from First BBC Article.

Second BBC article.

What do you think?


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The problem with


I will address the problems with many things shortly.

What led me to start this series was a book about Charles Darwin and Evolution. I was reading when suddenly, I thought, The problem with a genius is they argue even when they are wrong, and they always have to be right, especially when they are wrong.

I will blog on some of those things which annoy me most, about genius, Evolution, and other topics. But I wanted to share the annoyance with you before I go “Attack Mode”.

Have you ever known a ‘smart person’ who would not discuss with you? They would only lecture down to you?

That was the spark in the tinder of my mind. And my mind was prepared for a blazing fire by what happened today.

Long list is too long, but I met many interesting people, and I had a crazy woman try to crash into me – I’ll give you her plate number, so maybe we can catch and stop her, before she kills someone.

After all of the excitement, I read another almost great book on Evolution. And all I can think about are all the problems.

I hope I am not scaring you off.


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How do we turn US around?


The last 20 years have been disruptive in the US. ‘Disruptive’ is the fancy Liberal term meaning, “We get filthy rich, and you lose.”

What they do is re-invent a business model. Think about what Amazon did to the book industry.

They ‘disrupted’ the ‘traditional model.’

That is what Liberals did to US. They gave our business to China and the rest of Asia. They disrupted the traditional American business model.

They got rich, we lost.

How do we turn that around?

I think the easiest way would be to outsource the Liberals.

But, can we do that?

What do you think?


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Liberals fail US again


It keeps getting crazier.

Liberals keep failing US.

Ebola is attacking. One week they say there is no risk, so import more Africans with Ebola. Today, they say, “Panic. The nurse made a mistake.”

Well, the nurse does not design the protocols.

CDC failed US by letting in the casualty (patient). The CDC failed to ensure proper quarantine protocols on the patient. The hospital failed the nurse by not using a buddy team to decontaminate her as she took her gear off.

Now we will pay the cost.

But, they will blame the illegal Mexican for the Ebola crisis. Even though, they have nothing to do with this crisis.

What do you think?


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Russians continue to invade Ukraine


In case you think the Russian propaganda is accurate, here is a Russian admitting 90% of the troops under him are Russian, just like he is.

- What is the relation to your business and local Russians?

- In our group 90% of the Russians, and the rest – the citizens of Donetsk. They call themselves Russian. Of Russian Urals half, half – Siberians.

- Why are not local?

- Sam in shock: they go to Russia, and we come here! They do not want their land to protect! Yesterday I was one my grandfather said, “Yes, I do not care, who will only be paid a pension.” War veteran, all in awards and medals. My jaw dropped, I have nothing more to say but could not. What to say to the person who has the medals, and he does not care, who will pay a pension – or our fascists.

Translated by on 11 Oct 2014.

A former soldier, a businessman, a friend of President Putin’s, he tells everyone he is just a simple ‘peasant.’

Scary. Most of my Russian friends do not hate Ukraine. But, the Russians who do hate Ukraine more than make up for those who do not.

Don’t you think?


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Should we follow China?


With all the news about China’s economy surpassing US this week, I am surprised about that. I thought they told US last year China was 10 years behind US; but with all that news, did your news outlet mention what China is doing to control their media?

China is banning moral deviants (my choice of word) from TV. Actors guilty of drug use or prostitution are being banned from influencing children.

Would this be better for US than our current crazy Hollywood?


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Have you noticed the news is causing fear about Ebola?

Well, Twitter, like Wiki, is adding fuel to the flame.

How bad is Ebola? Do you remember the last real epidemic? SARS? Well Ebola is worse than SARS was.

Some will try to use the R(naught) modeling tool. That model says SARS may be worse. R(4) compared to an official R(1.8).

I do doubt the low R(1.8), but it is a modeling tool. It does not tell us the true ‘virulence’ of the disease. Patient numbers within a general population tell us that.

Over a similar time period, SARS infected 8100 people, Ebola has infected 15,000. At this stage of the SARS epidemic, SARS ceased. Stopped. And there have been no more cases. Ebola has not started slowing down, yet.

The targeted populations are also different. SARS hit cities in China. Those cities were better prepared. Ebola has devastated villages and cities in western Africa. They were not prepared. But, SARS spread within a much larger and denser population.

SARS had a 9.5% fatality rate. This epidemic of Ebola is around 50%.

It is difficult to compare diseases. But, I would say Ebola is much more dangerous than SARS, and it seems easier to catch.

Will you change your life because of Ebola?




Stopping the Ebola pandemic.

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I love Mexico


I talked with a beautiful young woman tonight.  One thing led to another, and we were chatting about Mexico.

I love Mexico.  The language, the people, the culture, and the history.


If you get the chance, check out San Miguel de Allende.  Great history, and lots of Americans, so you won’t be drowned if it is your first foray into Mexico.  And AWESOME things to do and see.

Tell everyone over at Mexico Spanish, I said ‘Hola.’

I had three of the instructors, Soccorro, Enrique, and Jorge.

Great people. I think I need to run down for a refresher.

It is about time for all of the rodeo festivities.


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ISIS murders hundreds of Iraqi soldiers


Sunday, ISIS slaughtered 400 to 500 Iraqi soldiers at an isolated military base. The ISIS pierced the base’s defenses in multiple locations. Several groups of Iraqi soldiers fought their way through the terrorists. About 50% of those soldiers got through to a nearby base.

Islamic State attack on Iraqi soldiers.

Wow. After massive strikes against the terrorists’ command, control, communications, and intelligence (C3I) locations, they still conducted a massive strike against a fixed defender.

For all of CNN’s ‘experts’ saying that these guys are not able to do this or that, they just did something that al-Qaeda was not able to do to the US Army in Afghanistan.

You can claim that the Iraqi soldiers did not want to fight very well. You can claim they were not the best. But, they should have been about equal fighters to their enemy …. Because, they knew, it was fight or die.

What do you think?


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