What a diaper tells US about our elite class


I wrote about this problem. Our problems are found in a baby diaper.

And in that story, I handed someone (you) a sack as I walked out of the Men’s Bathroom in a restaurant.

Now. Someone, you, is standing there as I walk back out the door.

You are standing there thinking, “What is going on? Why did I let him hand me this bag?”

Like I said, it was simple psychology. I was using you. Just like we are used by the elite.

Now, the simple question is, as you open up the sack, and get nauseated, “Do you have a right to be offended?”

Do you?

What would give you a right to be offended?


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3 reasons why our problem is privilege not racism


While there are many problems with privilege, I will identify 3 reasons why our problem is privilege not racism.

Growing up, we didn’t have people running around screaming, “I am black. You are white. That makes you a racist, because you are a privileged white man.”

And you will notice, you do not see activists running around screaming, “LOOK! It is a white woman, she has ‘white privilege!'”

First, activists twist race into racism. But, race is not prejudice. There is skin color. If you are a white person in a room with one hundred Hispanics, you could find your self thinking, “Wow. Am I the only white man (woman) here?” Notice, you were not thinking, “What are all of these ____ doing here?”

And yes, I am leading your thoughts, but this is the difference between race, it does exist, and racism that we are programmed to think rules America. We are programmed to believe there is racism everywhere by activists turning race into racism.

Second, we are privileged. But, we are told we are poverty-stricken. We are taught we are poor.

As I have pointed out, welfare is one-third of our budget. Because of the large amount of money we spend on welfare, everyone in the USA, except a few homeless, are able to buy homes, cars, cell-phones, and many other niceties. They are not starving.

They are not living on a dollar a day, which is what the rest of the world considers ‘poverty.’

We are privileged. All of US. But, the Elite twist the message around to think we are not privileged.

Imagine the last seven years. So let US use a different story of the last seven years. Imagine President Obama coaching the Chicago Bears. Imagine his touring the world. And instead of telling everyone how great Chicago is, he says, “Any team is great in its own way. The Bears have not been excellent. They have been lucky. Everyone else has an excellent team.”

Do you think the Bears would have renewed his contract in 2012?

No. But, we are privileged, we are excellent. Not in the way everyone is, but we are the “Shining light on the hill.” We are where everyone else wants to come.

You do not have people lining up ‘to win the lottery’ to go to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Liberia, Mali, Indonesia, China, India, or Russia.

And finally, we can say what we want to say. Activists have the privilege of speaking their mind, even when wrong.

That is why the activists are not going to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Liberia, Mali, Indonesia, China, India, or Russia.

That is why activists are not trying to win the lottery to take their message to the rest of the world. We have Freedom to Speak. They do not.

You noticed, I hope, all three problems with privilege are problems of the Elite twisting what privilege means? They twist race into racism; wealth into poverty, or privilege into non-privilege; and they abuse their Freedom of Speech to abuse US with their nonsense.

I think they should go to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Liberia, Mali, Indonesia, China, India, or Russia and practice their nonsense there and see how long they stay out of jail.

What do you think?


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Our problems are found in a baby diaper


Some of my posts are deep. One or two have surprised me – you guys love some posts that I thought would never be loved by others.

But, I did some thinking a few minutes ago, as I fall asleep waiting for the sun to rise.

And then it dawned on me. Our problems are found in a baby diaper.

Literally, and figuratively.

I won’t spell all of the problems out, yet. I do need sleep.

Imagine this.

You are standing in a crowded restaurant. I walk out of the men’s room with a sack. I approach you, and say, “Would you you hold this for me?”

I hand you the sack, and I keep walking.

Now, before we open the sack. Let US deal with what just happened.

The contents of our sack is for our next blog.

What I did was an un-common thing. I intentionally surprised you. You subconsciously took the sack. It was automatic. It was reflex.

And that is the first of many problems we will look at. But, I think it is a major problem.

In easy terms, “I used you.”

Like a psychiatrist, I knew you would take the bag if I ‘politely’ just handed you the sack. I knew it would leave you stuck thinking, “Now what do I do?”

Later, we deal with the contents. But for now, let US look at two comments.

But, realize that is exactly what Pelosi did when she famously said, “We have pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it.”

When Gruber told people about “the stupidity of the American voter.”

He knew what he was saying was wrong, but he was intentionally leading people he spoke to. He intentionally led them to believe we are stupid, and our stupidity gave them the right to abuse our trust.

Our leaders are using US.

Not because we are stupid, but because they are abusing US with psychological tricks and ploys. Stunts.

What do you think so far?


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1.3 Trillion Dollars on Welfare.


Welfare spending revisited.

Friends, Since I wrote this just over a year ago, the Federal Budget increased its spending 15%. I assume that is a 2 year budget, maybe part of 3 year, spread. But, even at 5% a year, that is 4% above inflation, and 4% above wage increases ….

Friends, That is SCARY. We need to get the Budget under control. They are outspending our ability to earn more tax money.

NOTE: We must earn money BEFORE it can be taxed.

Am I right?


Originally posted on luvsiesous:


This blog is for me as well as for you. [Updated, 7 April 2014] [And Dec 2014]

Finding the real data is difficult. Very difficult. Even the supposed ‘conservatives’ bury the data inside of other data.

OK, for an overview. There is $1.03 Trillion in general welfare spending, plus $52 Billion spent on SSI *, plus $200 Billion spent by the states on Medicaid **.

So, it looks like $1.3 trillion being spent on Welfare, out of $3.537.

More than one third.

It is always difficult to remember what spending falls under which program – I think even the ‘experts’ forget. And it is possible I am double counting Medicaid – it is difficult to find real numbers. But, Medicaid is paid under Medicare, so, I think I am not double billing.

And this is missing quite a lot of money spent at the state and local…

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Cash-Strapped Russia Won’t Support Ukrainian Separatist Regions Of Donetsk And Luhansk


Russia may be running out of the hard cash needed to support and rebuild the separatist areas in Eastern Ukraine.

This may be good news for Ukraine.

What do you think?


Originally posted on Ukraine English News Forum:

As a new ceasefire begins Tuesday between Ukraine and pro-Russia separatists in the east of the country, the Kremlin plunged the political fate of the contested regions of Donetsk and Luhansk into uncertainty. According to the left-leaning Russian daily newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which cited officials within the Kremlin, sources within the cabinet of ministers and pro-Russian insurgents, Russia has abandoned the idea of either war-torn region becoming an independent state, instead preferring that both remain autonomous regions within Ukraine.

While the reason for this change of policy within the Kremlin was not revealed in the report, it is believed that independence would push both regions to rely on Russia financially as they recover from war and begin operating as independent states, something that a financially troubled Russia is keen to avoid.

“Russia clearly doesn’t want to absorb these states into Russia itself,” said Sarah Lain, research fellow with expertise on Russia…

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Cruise ships dump 1 billion tons of sewage into the ocean every year


Okay, that was not the blog post I thought I was retweeting.

So, lesson learned – I hope.

Okay, this post is about the massive amount of sewage dumped by cruise ships into the ocean. Another reason not to swim anywhere near a major US city, the other being pet sewage.

But, it is the world we live in. What do we do about this?


Originally posted on Quartz:

Some 20 million people board cruise ships every year. And while they might return to land with fond memories of umbrella drinks and shuffleboard, they leave a lot at sea. About a billion tons of sewage (pdf), in fact.

That’s according to Friends of the Earth, a non-governmental environmental group, which used US Environmental Protection Agency data to calculate arrive at that gross figure. The EPA estimates that single 3,000-person cruise ship pumps 150,000 gallons of sewage—about 10 backyard swimming pools’ worth—into the ocean per week. One vessel in an EPA study produced 74,000 gallons of sewage (pdf, p.2-1) in a single day.

The sewage dumped into the sea teems with bacteria, heavy metals, pathogens, viruses, pharmaceuticals, and other things that can harm the health of both humans and aquatic life. The best thing to do is to treat sewage and release it in the deep ocean (paywall). If released near coasts, untreated sewage…

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What US taxpayers paid to build and run the CIA’s torture program


I am testing to see if I can reblog a single article from qz.com (Quartz).

They have an interesting mix of news.

Let me know what you think.


Originally posted on Quartz:

With the release of the Senate investigation into the CIA’s detention and interrogation program, we now know more about the program than ever before. Besides the fact that the coercive so-called “enhanced interrogation techniquesweren’t effective, we more about know how much it cost US taxpayers to run a global network of torture sites.

While the declassified version of the report does not offer a full summation of the program’s costs—and the US intelligence community’s $53 billion black budget remains largely secret, despite Edward Snowden’s leaks—we now have evidence of at least $480 million in funding.

You have to pay for interrogators who are willing to cross the line.

The report notes that contractors trained in “enhanced interrogation techniques” were paid $1,800 a day, four times as much as interrogators who didn’t use those techniques. The same interrogators were paid to violently interrogate the prisoners, evaluate their psychological state and…

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The Great Recession


The Great Recession will haunt US for decades.

I found a site that tracks the unemployment numbers: Molly’s Mid America

Let me warn you about those statistics, they are from the Golfer in Chief. Molly thinks those of US not working are 85 year old ladies who quit working to retire. She actually wrote that. I do hope she was joking.

But from the data, I think we can see the real disaster.

The study he cited linked to numbers that showed that immigrants accounted for about 70 percent of the net job growth. While that study’s headline was that all of the new jobs went to immigrants, that only held true for a certain age range, which Morici misapplied to all workers.

Morici is correct that foreign-born workers, both citizens and noncitizens, do disproportionately well in the job market.

According to Molly’s data, we are at 5.8% unemployment?

According to Politifact, roughly half of all new jobs go to foreigners, not US citizens. Over 100,000 Americans each month are falling off of the employment grid.

Over 1 Million of US become permanently unemployed each year, so the Progressives can make their numbers look pretty as they give what is left of our job market to the rest of the world and starve US into submission.

Since Obama’s job recovery started giving jobs to all of his muslim refugees in 2010, more than 5 million young, old, no-class, middle-class Americans have quit working.

Labor force participation dropped 4% under Obama – 9.8% is the real current unemployment number for US.

Heritage report.

Young people I speak to are scared. Over 90% are scared by what they feel is being done to US.

I pray for America, will you join me?


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Shoot me, I’m black


Earlier, I read statements released from the Grand Jury in Ferguson. They released all of the testimony. And I read Darren Wilson’s description of what happened that night in Ferguson.

He described Brown hitting him twice. He said he did not know if he would survive another punch. And he described Brown working himself up to charge.

As I read the statement from Police Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting, I thought of a caricature. You know, one of those political cartoon images.

I felt Darren Wilson was describing a bull about to charge. You know, like a political cartoonists will draw to make his point. The bull is standing there about to charge with it’s front hoofs pawing up the ground and stirring dust. Steam blowing out of his nose.

And at the other end of the cartoon is the Matador.

I felt the political cartoonist would draw in one of those bubbles. Inside the bubble, he would write, “Shoot me, I’m black.”

And isn’t that the real problem?

Political caricature of the problems in America has left US without hope and angry. Angry at the white man, because he is privileged. Anger from the black man, because political leaders tell him to be angry.

But, that is NOT what I see on the street.

I walked up to a young black man working at my local McDonald’s. I placed my hand briefly on his shoulder and said, “I am praying for your generation.”

At first, he looked at me like, “What is this crazy white guy saying to me?”

For a moment, I thought I would offend him.

Then he relaxed.

I could see it in that moment, he expected the caricature of whites and blacks do not have anything good to say to each other. Just a spark. Not anger. Closer to fear.

Then he relaxed. He replied, “Thank you. We need it.”

That was NOT the way it was when I was growing up. Yes, there were racists. But, like another country boy once said to one, “Well, when all of you city folks get crazy, don’t come out here in the country causing trouble. ‘Cause I garoantee all of us country boys, white and black, will shoot you.”

And that was mostly the way it was. Some trouble makers, white and black, but the rest of US did not want anything to do with racism. We were ALL Americans.


Racism is the marching order the rich Elite Liberals give to those few young men who follow them.

As long as it is the marching order, who do we believe?

Darren Wilson? Or, the other witnesses?

Was Michael Brown the victim of Liberal racism? Or was he the victim of a police officer and his racism?

I doubt we will know that for certain this side of heaven, but Liberal racism is only breeding doubt, anger, and hatred.

Instead, we should pray for each other.

Don’t you agree prayer is better than rage?


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Ferguson erupts in violence


Keep US in prayer. Our country is in turmoil.

One aspect of this problem, I will write on later, but the Liberal Elite is painting White Men as angry, and inciting anger in Black Men. Racial profiling must stop.

CNN Article about the Grand Jury not indicting.

One young man told the police, “This ain’t Iraq.” Isn’t it ironic that they are turning the streets of the USA into a war zone, but don’t want the police to turn out dressed for combat?

All racial profiling must stop. Whether it is of young black men, or it is young black men portraying themselves as the stereotypical young black gangster.

Violence only begats violence. And more violence does not bring Michael Brown back.

How do you think we should handle this?


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