Shoot me, I’m black


Earlier, I read statements released from the Grand Jury in Ferguson. They released all of the testimony. And I read Darren Wilson’s description of what happened that night in Ferguson.

He described Brown hitting him twice. He said he did not know if he would survive another punch. And he described Brown working himself up to charge.

As I read the statement from Police Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting, I thought of a caricature. You know, one of those political cartoon images.

I felt Darren Wilson was describing a bull about to charge. You know, like a political cartoonists will draw to make his point. The bull is standing there about to charge with it’s front hoofs pawing up the ground and stirring dust. Steam blowing out of his nose.

And at the other end of the cartoon is the Matador.

I felt the political cartoonist would draw in one of those bubbles. Inside the bubble, he would write, “Shoot me, I’m black.”

And isn’t that the real problem?

Political caricature of the problems in America has left US without hope and angry. Angry at the white man, because he is privileged. Anger from the black man, because political leaders tell him to be angry.

But, that is NOT what I see on the street.

I walked up to a young black man working at my local McDonald’s. I placed my hand briefly on his shoulder and said, “I am praying for your generation.”

At first, he looked at me like, “What is this crazy white guy saying to me?”

For a moment, I thought I would offend him.

Then he relaxed.

I could see it in that moment, he expected the caricature of whites and blacks do not have anything good to say to each other. Just a spark. Not anger. Closer to fear.

Then he relaxed. He replied, “Thank you. We need it.”

That was NOT the way it was when I was growing up. Yes, there were racists. But, like another country boy once said to one, “Well, when all of you city folks get crazy, don’t come out here in the country causing trouble. ‘Cause I garoantee all of us country boys, white and black, will shoot you.”

And that was mostly the way it was. Some trouble makers, white and black, but the rest of US did not want anything to do with racism. We were ALL Americans.


Racism is the marching order the rich Elite Liberals give to those few young men who follow them.

As long as it is the marching order, who do we believe?

Darren Wilson? Or, the other witnesses?

Was Michael Brown the victim of Liberal racism? Or was he the victim of a police officer and his racism?

I doubt we will know that for certain this side of heaven, but Liberal racism is only breeding doubt, anger, and hatred.

Instead, we should pray for each other.

Don’t you agree prayer is better than rage?


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Ferguson erupts in violence


Keep US in prayer. Our country is in turmoil.

One aspect of this problem, I will write on later, but the Liberal Elite is painting White Men as angry, and inciting anger in Black Men. Racial profiling must stop.

CNN Article about the Grand Jury not indicting.

One young man told the police, “This ain’t Iraq.” Isn’t it ironic that they are turning the streets of the USA into a war zone, but don’t want the police to turn out dressed for combat?

All racial profiling must stop. Whether it is of young black men, or it is young black men portraying themselves as the stereotypical young black gangster.

Violence only begats violence. And more violence does not bring Michael Brown back.

How do you think we should handle this?


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Gay activist accused of gay rape


Terry Bean, a gay activist accused of gay rape, has said he was framed by his boyfriend.

Daily Mail.

A major Democrat fund raiser with close ties to President Obama is arrested and indicted, but, the MSM spends their time attacking Cosby for ‘allegations’ from 30 years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, if Cosby is wrong, he needs to repent as well.

But, the CURRENT news is that a gay man was involved with a 15 year old boy and his boyfriend at the same time ….

EVEN if, he is ‘not guilty,’ he knew his boyfriend WAS GUILTY. He was in the room with them.

I cannot right about what happened any more – it is sick.

Every time there is another breaking story about the gay agenda, gay priests molesting young men and boys, gay marriage advocates suing Christians and forcing US to be involved in their ‘marriage’ agenda, it is covered up.

Where is President Obama to say, “If I had a son, he would have looked like the victim of this pervert?”

As I have often asked, and I will ask again, can we agree to protect the young men and young boys from this plague?

Even if you think the agenda is correct, can we agree to protect the children?

Do you agree?


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Pray for Israel


The senseless slaughter of people praying highlights the depth of hatred in the Mid East.

To cut people down as they pray in a place of worship is hideous.

Pray G-d himself will comfort his people. Comfort his people around the world. And protect his people. Like Christians, Jews are being targeted even when there is absolutely no reason for the hate.

The current situation in Ukraine has seen the Jewish community targeted. And the word ‘Jew’ is being used as if it is bad to be Jewish.

They hate G-d and all of his people. Now is a time for us to stand together as loving and king people, knowing the end seems near.

Pray for peace. Pray for comfort.


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Most ‘Illegals’ are not Mexican


If you read my blog, you may have already read me assert that.

But, hard data is difficult to come across.

Here it is.

So, why do the Liberals always talk about ‘illegal immigration?’

They are distracting US from what is really happening. They are bringing in millions of ‘legals’ and letting them stay illegally.

They KNOW THIS. And they look the other way – the article even points this out. AFTER 9-11 they decided they should do something. So, out of 5.5 Million illegals here from mostly Muslim countries, they only arrest 1,700. But, the Liberal media wants you to think all of the problem is from Mexico.

Obama’s aunt from Kenya stayed here even AFTER 3 evictions BY JUDGES. We paid her a million dollars in welfare.

Once they get here, you and I are supposed to feel compassion for the welfare queens. Obama’s aunt said we had to be nice to her.

Why? “Because you are a Christian nation.”

Why do Liberals do this? Because they hate US.

If you think I am wrong about that, then give me a reason that works. Not fancy talk, a real life reason why 1,700 out of 5.5 million is not a calamity, and I am supposed to worry about the other 5 million from Mexico.

Okay. I am not happy about illegal immigration from Mexico. I have always believed we should fix that and re-instate the Bracero Program that the Democrats killed.

But, out of about 5 to 6 million illegal Mexicans, we consistently sent 1 million home each year until Obama.

Have you heard them say we are a nation of immigrants? Well they are trying to make US that. But, they do not want the Native American to be part of that immigration.

20% of the illegal Mexican population was apprehended and sent back. Now under Obama that is about 10%.

But, the other foreigners are less than 1% … 1%. So, why does the media make US think Mexicans are the problem?

I think they hate US. And Mexicans are still Americans. Technically, North Americans from the United States (of Mexico).

I grew up on the border. So, the ‘American’ discussion is funny to me.

I believe Liberals hate US, and they hate Native Americans.

Do you agree or disagree?

Tell me why?


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3 things wrong in America.


I have an interesting family. Historically, my family is American. I am a mix of several backgrounds and races. A small amount of Native American & French with an equal mix of English and Scot.

My family was all here well before the Revolution – the last of them had just worked off their ‘indentured’ servitude, before we helped start a war we would win. Culloden was a battle we lost. Slavery by any name is wrong.

None of that means I am the authority. That would be a failure in logic for me to assume that.

And losing logic is the first of 3 things wrong in America.

We have lost logic, replaced hard work with welfare, and forgotten the God who blessed America.

The first and saddest overall is the loss of logic. Correct. I am a Christian, but I do believe good people can live on this earth without Jesus. I know that will lead them to a bad place in the future, but you can still like a good life if good logic is in place.

But, logic is no longer common in our world. We used to always talk about ‘horse sense,’ ‘common sense,’ and ‘just plain smart.’

We always discussed the wisdom of doing good business, now business leaders discuss the ‘disruptive’ economy. That means they want to destroy their competitors and even entire markets in order to make their profit. Here is an article about market disruption.

Not very logical. But, very profitable.

In Northern Ireland, they are in serious trouble. They have 18% of their people trying to support the other 82% … Another Socialist Welfare State is failing.

When will we learn that pure welfare is terrible. NOTE: I did not say some welfare is bad, but once you tip the balance beyond 5% of your income, any organization is paying too much into welfare. And when a government is paying 60% of their country’s people, they are way beyond the safety of a simple 5%.

And I have written about this before. Why America is poor.

In America, we have convinced ourselves we are poor. Okay, Liberals are trying to convince US we are poor. But, all Americans find ourselves in the top 2% to 4% of the world in income – the numbers fluctuate, so I do not want to say for certain whether we are closer to 2% or closer to 4%. But, we are NOT poor. Those who are poor in America have made poor choices.

That does not mean everyone does not wish they had more. When your neighbor has a $200,000 house and 4 luxury cars in his driveway, it is easy to wish you had a little more. Yes, I have several government employees in my neighborhood. And yes, they live well.

Welfare almost always is disruptive. It disrupts the natural desire all of US have to provide for ourselves. Notice how they re-define it? It is called an ‘entitlement.’ We re-define welfare so it sounds like someone has a job, and earned a paycheck.

Then there is my third note for today.

We have forgotten the God who made America great.

You do not have to believe in God. But, to wipe the Christian God out of public life, out of football game prayers, out of schools, and out of our courts and politics is UNAMERICAN.

America was founded upon the faith that GOD had placed rights on this Earth for US to enjoy. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness were not declared to have come from government. Our leaders declared those rights come from God.

We did not declare our independence from God, but from an abusive dictator who abused God and his ordained power. We moved away from abuse of God and his name to a better union with each other and with God.

We became the greatest country on God’s green earth – God blessed US so much that even those who do not believe in Jesus want to come here and live on our benevolence.

And then they tell US to take down anything that might offend those who do not respect our history.

And as Americans, we made many mistakes. But, do not tread upon the God who blessed US for what we did right.

I do not have the right to go to Mecca and build an auditorium for Christians to worship in, so why are we told we must build mosques for Muslims to worship in here?

Why are we always told to discriminate against Christ and for other gods?

If you want other gods, pursue them and see if they bless you.

But, do not dismiss the God who made America great.

Please, respond with respect, logic, and dignity.


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3 reasons Why Russia invaded Ukraine.


I think there are three main reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine.

And no, the reasons are not location, location, location. Those three reasons would be for buying and selling real estate.

But, location is one of the three. The other two are response to western aggression and political expediency.

So, I will go backwards through these like this: western aggression; political expediency; and location.

For the last 5 years, mostly during the Obama Administration, there has been a coordinated effort by western powers to spread progressive politics around the world.

There has been world-wide expansion of progressive politics. They believed they could make the world a better place, and they did pull billions of people out of poverty as they pushed hundreds of millions of people down from the middle class into poverty. After they pushed people out of poverty, they decided republican democracy should be forced upon all people throughout the world.

This push led to the Arab Spring, social change, and the current Gay Marriage movement. As the social change progressed, many people around the world attacked leaders in countries around the world who were not progressive.

The Arab Spring was backed by US and European governments. The gay agenda world-wide has been supported by the US government (please explain that one?) Then the battle-ground shifted into Syria, not Bahrain, Yemen, or Saudi Arabia. The latter three are ‘still’ our friends. Even though their recent history has been much worse than Assad’s.

Economically, the US and Europe has tried to spread the cost of their economic mistakes to other people. This cost Russians billions of dollars as Europe stole money from Russians to pay to bail out Cyprus.

I blogged on this before, here.

Politically, Russia does not currently have the power to ‘project’ very far. They learned how difficult power projection was for them during their Afghanistan war.

Invading Ukraine also gave Russia an additional boost of morale at home.

And sadly, Ukraine was not prepared for invasion and war.

So, politically, invading was Ukraine was the best choice to counter western aggression towards Russian policies.

Lastly, location.

Yes, Ukraine is close, but the location is much deeper than that.

Under eastern Ukraine (Donbas region) there are huge reservoirs of coal, and more importantly, rare earth metals. These rare earth metals are needed by Russian (and American) industry. Especially, aerospace and military industries.

Many of the rare earth metals are almost exclusive to eastern Ukraine.

There you have my 3 top reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine.

What do you think are your three top reasons why?


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Wet and dreary


We are having one of those days. Wet and dreary.

Other than visiting with Russian and Ukrainian friends, there is not much else I can do.

What do you do when it is wet and dreary? Do you get a cup of hot chocolate? A bowl of soup? Curl up and read a good book? Watch a movie?

What is this weather best for?


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Bill Gates’ solution to income inequality



The same Bill Gates who said the rich should pay more in taxes is now saying, he should pay less in taxes …. because he does better things with his money than other people do.

That is correct, Bill Gates, the tax evader in chief, wants to pay less taxes because he is the good guy.

Do you believe the guts this guy has?


Originally posted on Fortune:

It might not come as a surprise to many that Bill Gates, whom Forbes’ magazine ranks as the second wealthiest man in the world, doesn’t agree with the ideas of French economist Thomas Piketty.

It’s Piketty, after all, who made a big splash this year with his book Capital in the 21st Century, which argued that it is a fundamental law of capitalism that wealth will grow more concentrated absent destabilizing events like global wars. Piketty’s solution? A global tax on capital that could help governments better understand how wealth is distributed and stem the tide of inevitably increasing inequality, which Piketty believes is socially destabilizing.

If you believe the Forbes list, there is nobody in the world besides Carlos Slim who has more to lose than Bill Gates if Piketty’s global tax on wealth were to be instituted. But Gates’ critique of Piketty’s work, published Monday on…

View original 715 more words

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I do love Jesus


You know I do not blog on Religion much. Unfortunately, the gay agenda and Evolution take up most of my writing time, and then comes politics and Science.

And being sick, etc.

But, just so you do know, I do love Jesus. My life has been a long and difficult road, but I still love Jesus. Some people would tell me to blame him for all of my troubles, but I would rather seek him and ask him to take my troubles away than to blame him.

And just so you know, I do pray for you my readers. I will not know until heaven if my prayers ever did any good, but I still try.


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