Poverty in America is rich everywhere else.


I have blogged about this topic before. And I will link back to that article. [I am still looking through my old posts. I didn't know I had that many.]

But, this focus is a little different than my previous blog post.

In that post, I focused on mere numbers. Simple mathematics. Everyone in the USA is in the top 10% of the world’s wealth. I think that number was actually the top 2% of the entire world.

This post is about a slightly different method of measuring ‘wealth’ and ‘rich.’

Instead of ‘money’ what do someone in ‘poverty’ in the US ‘have.’

From the Heritage Foundation.

I was looking for a different article, and it is difficult to search for real data on American poverty. But, all I found was this article.

So, most of US are shown pictures of starving children. We are told in the Media that all the poor are homeless. They live in shelters, and they live in their cars (if they are ‘lucky.’)

But, that is FAR from the truth.

Our (non-working) poor, I hope these are on the very bottom, are RICH. Not just in terms of the world today, but in the history of the USA.

Just 50 years ago, only the richest Americans had air conditioning. The rest were lucky if they had fans. 100 years ago, only the very richest had a car. And those cars usually had hand cranks. And no air conditioning, radio, or CD players.

The poor in America have an average housing space which is significantly larger than the average in Europe (AVERAGE). That means our ‘poor’ live in much larger homes than the middle class in Europe.

They have TV’s. And the internet. And CABLE TV, or satellite. And cell phones.

Cable – at least $100 a month ($1200 / year) after tax money. Internet, at least $50 / month ($600 / year). And a cell phone $600 / year.

But, the biggest difference?

The poor in America have cars and air-conditioning.

They may struggle to pay for their cars, gas, cell-phones, Internet, computers, TV’s, and air conditioning, but they have all of that.

Food is not even a worry. They do not worry day to day about ‘food.’

Real poverty? Those people worry the rest of their lives about food day to day. Even when they get beyond poverty, they hoard food.

So, why are we led to believe that the ‘poor’ in America are in such dire circumstances?

Because that makes poverty a crisis.

And a crisis means the elite get the opportunity for more control. POWER.

Both the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ are guilty of this.

As I have blogged in the past, welfare is 1/3rd of our Federal Deficit. Cut that in half, and you balance the budget and begin paying off the debt. And you are only back to 2008 spending levels.

When people worry about spending on computers, internet, and phones, we are spending TOO MUCH on welfare.

Don’t you agree?

PS The article I looked for mentioned that about 50% of people on means tested welfare are buying their own homes.

Someday, I should post this link for a separate post. Govt hides 1 in 5 welfare families do not work in any manner.

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Immigrants get a lot of welfare


I grew up on the border. And I have always sympathized for Mexican Americans wanting a better life in the USA. Many ‘Mexicans’ are from here, and are stigmatized by those from the northern 48 states as ‘illegals.’

Oh well.

But, studies still indicate illegal and legal immigrants receive a lot in welfare benefits.

CIS study, accessed September 2014.

The sad part not pointed out in the study? Many of the immigrants receiving assistance are NOT Mexicans. The are Muslims.

I do not know how to separate the two ethnic groups. The Liberals are busy importing Muslim ‘refugees’ even though they are linked to the serious terrorist groups. And they have imported about 2.5 Million ‘refugees.’ But, they always talk about the ‘illegal’ problem.

Personally, I think we need a 10 year hold on immigration. We need to fix our economy, and make our jobs work for Americans. But, some will think that is too radical.

What do you think?


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Welfare pays better than a job in 35 states


The CATO institute’s study is attacked by both liberals and conservatives.

But, I got this data from Welfare payout statistics will make [you] really angry/.

In 35 states you can make more money on welfare than you can working. And a whole lot more money than folks in other states who are working.

So, why don’t we fix the problem? Because Liberals want to raise the minimum wage.

You must love their devious plan.

If wages in the US remain at their current levels, jobs will return to the US. But, THEY WANT JOBS TO GO AWAY. So, what have they done? They raised welfare to above what a worker makes, so now we must feel sorry for the worker and give them pay hikes ….

So, their jobs will got to China.

Okay. I understand the economics, and the politics. But, what about the simple facts?

People who work contribute to society? Workers are happier? And the biggest?

Workers PAY TAXES ….

I thought the Liberals WANTED more tax money?


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Govt pays 65k per person in poverty


Well above the median income in the US, the Federal government pays out more than $65,000 a year for each person in poverty.

Accessed September 2014.

So, why can’t the Liberals ‘fix’ the problem?

Because they do not want to fix anything. They want dependency. Without dependency, there would be no reason to keep them in power and in control.

Do you agree?


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What about Benghazi?

Are we already distracted by all the bad news, wars, and plagues?

Or, should we watch Trey Gowdy today? Benghazi.House.Gov

I think I mentioned I met the Ambassador, Amb Stevens, before he was assassinated. I tried to talk with the Government Employee with him, but all I really got was anger and:

We are doing this for ‘Big Business’ and for our ‘Friends.’

I was not impressed.

But, does that mean I should ignore the terrible events of that day?

Should I turn a blind eye to all of the cover-up?

Should I ignore the reporters who have sacrificed and risked their careers to uncover this story?

As much as I love Ukraine, and I want to go back, this story is also important. Not that the thousands of Ukrainians being slaughtered because of bad US Foreign Policy is not important, but that this story is also important.

Will you watch?


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Where do Muslim terrorists come from?


I found an interesting graphic on Radio Free Europe about where the Middle Eastern ‘ISIS’ war fighters are coming from. Radio Free Europe.

I have read people discuss how many Muslim countries do not contribute to the terrorist groups, but the map shows that there are still a lot of extremists coming from Muslim countries. I think what those writers missed (maybe they chose to overlook) is simple: Western Muslims have a lot more money than their friends in Muslim countries.

On welfare, most Muslims in the west are given enough money to pay for a plane ticket in about a year. Most Muslims live on less than $100 a month.

So, I think many of the extremists collected from the west are simply a matter of cash flow.

What do you think?


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Police try to blow woman up.


Have you noticed how weird our world has become?

A 300 pound man attacks a cop, and we are told to believe he was a ‘kid.’ I wish the cop had not shot him, but a 300 pound man is huge, and can be a threat.

This time police did go over the top. Not in Ferguson, not in the USA, but in Australia.

Police left a bomb at the airport after a training exercise. They left it in a suitcase. So when a woman’s suitcase was damaged, the airport gave her the abandoned suitcase.

Okay, I know that technically, the police did not give it to her, the airport did.

But, how, HOW, do you leave a bomb behind?

Where is the liberal outrage?

How do you leave a half pound bomb laying around?

BBC Article about Sydney airport bomb.

You and I have to be scanned, because they do not want to hurt the feelings of the terrorists. But, COPS can leave a bomb?

Is it just me? Or, is this crazy?


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How can you survive America’s coming collapse?


I am not a ‘doomsday’ crazy guy.

But, I have read ‘The Book,’ and I know how it will eventually all end. But, before Armageddon, I think America will also come to our end.

I know it is possible that Armageddon and the end of the world could be a couple years away, but living like it is still ten or twenty years away leads to an important set of questions:

1. Will America survive much longer as we know it now?

2. If it gets bad in America, how bad will it get?

3. If it gets bad, or gets better, what will you do?

First, $18 Trillion in debt has changed our future. We will have to star paying much more interest in the future on our debt. Our budget is almost $4 Trillion. At historic interest rates, the current US Federal interest maintenance of US debt would be between $600 Billion and $800 Billion. (1)

That would require significant cuts to Welfare and Social Security. Depending on how high our interest rates go to maintain the debt, your Social Security retirement would be worth 10% to 50% less than it is today.

Do you ask why the Democrats refuse to fix the problem? So do I. Merely rolling back welfare to 2008 levels could prevent our decline. (2)

Second, naturally a 10% hit on Social Security payments is the mild possibility. With Obama’s additional debt, our weakening economy, and any world wide demand for bigger interest payments, the US would have to cut benefits more.

Personally, I think the collapse will be slow, but steady. I do not see ‘a cliff.’ But our situation will deteriorate.

Worst case? Inflation would eat away at our income levels, and we could see five years like Spain, Greece, and Italy did. Their economic output was close to ours, and their debt problem similar. They lost around 30% of their pre-crash income value.

There would be a lot of poor Americans.

Last, how can you survive America’s coming collapse?

Pray. Repent, and turn to God. And start a business (). Keep one year reserve cash in stocks, bonds, cash and gold (or precious metals and gems).

God will see you through. But, economic reserves will help you keep your sanity.

What do you think I missed?


(1) current maintenance at $411 Billion (http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/ir/ir_expense.htm); current bond rates vs historic rates are 2.5% and 5% (http://learnbonds.com/historical-treasury-yields-2-year-bill-10-year-note-30-year-bond/ AND http://observationsandnotes.blogspot.com/2010/11/100-years-of-bond-interest-rate-history.html)

(2) http://luvsiesous.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/1-3-trillion-dollars-on-welfare/ and http://luvsiesous.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/the-biggest-problem-with-welfare/ and http://luvsiesous.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/why-cant-we-afford-to-feed-the-poor/

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“Islam is not Islam.”


Our president is becoming as much of an embarrassment as his VP – Biden.

How can you say that an Islamic Organization that has been around for almost a hundred years – the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria – is not Islamic?

He funded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; and had the State Department teach the Muslim Brotherhood; that fiasco led to the Arab Spring.

He funded the chaos in Syria.

I guess, since he was able to say the USA was not a Christian country, he feels he can define any and everyone around the world as he saw fit.


I think he went over the top, again.

Do you think he is half as smart as the media keeps trying to convince US he is?


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Do you hate moving?


Moving is a bitter sweet experience.

I hate it. I love getting rid of the accumulated junk, but my back kills me as soon as I start thinking about the move.

How about you?


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