Is this the car of the future?


Elio car.

A former GM plant produces a three wheel car in Louisiana.

What do you think?

Will this be the next great car?

First my thoughts, if we believe in man made global warming, we should want to drive fuel efficient cars.

So, I ask, “What do you think? Will this be the next great car?”


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Why don’t I blog on abortion?


I woke up early – yes, the beast is being nice to me.

And I cooked some breakfast tacos. OK, I actually cooked tacos for breakfast, some might not have considered those to be the actual breakfast tacos that South Texas is famous for.

As I cooked, my mind wondered, and I asked myself, “Why haven’t you blogged on abortion more? You have a solid, and respectable position, so, why not?”

OK. My reason for not blogging on the topic is that it is a very sensitive topic. But, not for any of the obvious reasons.

Yes, I am a man. Yes, my position has a faith based element. Yes, I am traditional. Yes, I am a Texan. Yes, I understand the progressives tell everyone that for those reasons, I am not valid. So, I am supposed to be dismissed.

I get that.

But, that is not the reason I do not share my opinion like so many others do, callously, and without regard to the people involved.

Instead, I realize WHY abortion is here. I realize why it is an epidemic. And it is not the usual ‘birth-control’ option. Nor is it one the misunderstood reasons the progressives program people to believe.

And yes, my reason is fear based. Just as the progressive agenda around abortion is fear based. Why?

Because abortion is about dark deep seated fears we are not supposed to talk about. And because of that, we are programmed to believe it is ok to have abortions, and talk about abortions (if you are pro-abortion), but we are not supposed to talk about the real reason behind abortions.


Fear of those deep dark fears that grip women, and in theory, only grip women.

Not unwanted pregnancy, that is new.

Unwanted sex.

Rape is what it is usually called.

The fear is so deep, you and I, we, are not even comfortable discussing this. Or, so they program US ….

But here were are.

You see, logically, if this was really about freedom to choose, a million women would have moved to Asia and campaigned against the abortion of more than 38 million girls …. they would campaign for girls to be born without stigma.

But, like global warming, they are not serious, so they do not do what is logical.

And the fear lives on in dark corners of our minds and our souls.

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Putin admits Crimea was planned


I do not know if the Kyiv Post mistranslated what Putin said, my Russian is not good to try to translate. And honestly, I still struggle just to follow along and get pieces of Russian conversation.

“Russia did not annex Crimea by force. Russia only created conditions under which people could make their decision,”


Putin responded: “I wouldn’t be scared, but we must understand the situation. We were promised that after the union of Germany NATO wouldn’t expand. But it kept growing…when NATO borders come closer to our border we think we need to do something.”

He added that the annexation of Crimea was connected to NATO’s expansion eastward. We thought that if we didn’t do anything there would be a day when they would drag Ukraine into NATO. And then Russia would be pushed out of the region that is very important for our country.

From KyivPost.

And he called eastern Ukraine Novoryssiya. Even though he said that they were not the same as Crimea, and since the people were 50/50 Russian and Ukrainian Russia might not be able to do there what they had done in Crimea.

So? Why not tell the people, “We will NOT let you join Russia. Calm down, and enjoy being in Ukraine.”

Why does he keep hinting that Russia would like to accept ‘Novorussiya’ back into ‘Mother Russia?’

What do you think?


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Woman killed because she called 911


This is a sad story.

A mother, a wife, a woman called 911 to tell them her husband was crazy. He had asked her to shoot him.

Instead of moving to safety, instead of arming herself, she trusted the police.

I am not blaming the police, it seems they followed protocol.

But, I want to point out to you this simple fact.

The government does not protect you from harm, the government responds to incidents, and the government minimizes the cost of responding to incidents …

sometimes that gets citizens killed.

Colorado mom murdered.

So while she spent 13 minutes talking with the 911 operator, her husband got a gun and murdered her.

I think I blogged about this in the past, but I had an incident with my alarm company. The front door would trigger the alarm with the “someone broke in alarm.” So, I called the alarm company, I asked them if they could confirm whether or not there was an intruder or not. Their operator could not.

I said, “This scared the bejeezus out of me. Is there anything we can do to fix this. I do not want to have to go through my house and check to see if there is an intruder.

Their operator told me “Wait for the police and let them do that.”

I said, I would still have to leave my locked bedroom to get to the door to let them in.”

“Oh. Well, I don’t think you should be that scared. The alarm scared anyone off.”

“Well, I am that scared. That is why I got your service, but your alarm keeps alerting accidentally. That is why I am scared, and why I have a gun in my back pocket.”

I won’t go into what the idiot said next. But, the police did not show up at my house. Because the alarm company DID NOT call them.

This woman waited 13 minutes, before she was murdered.

Can you imagine what the police officers who did respond went through? Knowing that had they been earlier, they might have saved her life? Had they even gotten there in the average response time of 10 minutes, they might have saved her life. (Article here.)

Why does our government do this to our people and to our police officers? I believe it is because they do NOT know what to do, they do nothing and lead with weakness instead of strength.

Do you agree?


PS: if you are in an emergency situation, get to safety first, and then call for help. When I called, I was behind a solid wood door, barricaded door. Get safe, then call, then get help. Please not the other way around.

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Ukraine releases video confirming Russian saboteurs


The Russians are behind the unrest in Ukraine. They are trying to start a civil-war.

The only real question is, are they independent actors, or are they Russian agents?

CNN Interview with Ukrainian Anti-terrorist Officer.

Another reporter in Slaviansk showing Russian equipped snipers.

The equipment, the uniforms, the passports, the ‘militants,’ their commanders?

All Russian.

This is not good for Ukraine, or the rest of the world.

Russian needs to reign in their people. Allowing people to conduct military operations on their behalf, under orders or not, is an act of war.

Bombs, guns, inciting riots, inciting murder, murdering people, trying to start a civil war, these are all actions of a rogue state. A country seemingly out of control. Either Putin is in charge of his people, or he is not.

I can assure you, and Putin, and Obama, you never want your people to become out of control. When the government fails its people that badly, there will be bloodshed. A lot of bloodshed.

All parties need to pull back, and tell the people to calm down.

Unlike the Maidan peace movement, this movement is being run by people who want war.

Everyone needs to tell them, “You are terrorists, we will not support you, we will hunt you, we will not defend you.”

Ukraine lives in scary times.

What can we do here?


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Russia is carving up Ukraine


From an operational point of view, Russia has encouraged militants to attack Ukrainian government buildings and installations on an almost straight line.

Since the population densities of native Russian versus native Ukrainian people in this area do not run on such a straight line, the only reasonable answer is someone is telling militants where to attack.

This does not make me happy with Russia, I understand that they are conducting a brilliant military maneuver, but, I do not have to like it. Even if I admire what they accomplished.

But, Putin’s brilliance will be overshadowed by the costs of his arrogance. China will want their land back, Japan will want their land back. Georgia (the country) will want their land back. Turkey will want their land back.

And Ukraine deserves their land back.

Furthermore, he has encouraged 2 million Ukrainians living inside of Russia to support the military actions of Islamic militants …. up to and including terrorism.

Historically, that means about .1 to .01 percent of the Ukrainian population within Russian territory may be pulled into active military strikes upon Russian targets. Just as the Russians are encouraging Russians within Ukraine to become terrorists in Ukraine.

Actions have consequences.

Please pray for peace.

Pray for our leaders.

Pray for Russian leaders.

God bless America, and God bless Ukraine.


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Russian sponsored terrorists in Ukraine


Phone conversations have proven Russian sponsored terrorists are in Ukraine. And they showed that the counter-terrorist officer killed was a planned assassination ….

And who do you think knew where the counter-terrorism commander would be for an ambush?

The GRU (Russian Intelligence) is operating at full capacity in Ukraine.

Kyiv Post.

Please keep praying!


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China with illegal guns has more than the US

A recent criminal bust in China has pointed out what gun rights proponents have always said, “Making guns illegal will mean that only criminals have guns.”

Well, I would correct that to ‘criminals, cops, and presidents.’

I will show the article, and then to make up for the pain I am in, I might rant a little bit, before I get to the takeaway.

BBC Article.

Over 10,000 assault weapons, including a BUNCH of machine guns, over 120,000 illegal weapons.

Once smaller city, out of hundreds of big cities.

This would be like Fort Worth, or Indianapolis making a huge gang bust. And surprising even Chicago.

Were they planning a war? I do not know, but they had enough weapons to arm a US Infantry Division and an extra Battalion. Minus the vehicles.

That was a lot of war fighting capability – and I would note, almost all of the assault weapons are not legal in the US, and even our criminals do not usually have machine guns.

I think the takeaway from this is at least two fold.

First, the US system works much better than most people realize. Yes, our media could paint the picture better. But, even with all of their negative description of guns in America, most police officers welcome armed citizens.

Second, China, and much of the rest of the world, is much more violent than the US is. Our media glosses over the reality. But, the reality is there. We live in a very violent world. And the US is well above average in the quality of life that we get to live.

And I would add a third take a way ….

Guns do not make the American fabric of life. Guns are not what make US American instead of our being Chinese. Neither is the English we speak. But, guns are a byproduct of our greatness. Not as toys like most of our computers and smart phones. But, guns are a byproduct of freedom loving people who are ready to defend that freedom.


Guns are the byproduct of criminals as well, criminals who want to control people.

But, for US, guns are the byproduct of mostly freedom loving Americans ready to defend our country from the enemies living in this world.

God bless America, for just as long as He will bless US.

Don’t you agree?


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Western powers allow Russian invasion


I do not understand why European and USA leaders are so willing to let Russia continue to invade Ukraine. Why are they so intent upon allowing Russian Spetznaz and former Ukrainian Berkut paramilitary forces start a civil war? Why are they willing to let the GRU start another major war?

This is such a scary repeat of so many Russian failed operations.

I do not understand what is happening.

But, I do know, Europe and the US were not reading Russia properly. They did not think Russia would fight back against their continued social experiment world wide. They really believed that if they became gay, Russia should just become gay also. The believed that if they overthrew enough countries, eventually Putin would just step down.


What would have been the American reaction if Putin had gone around the world, overthrown governments, and replaced those governments with his ‘friends?’

That is the RUSSIAN view of what happened over the last 5 years.

Unfortunately, Ukraine got stuck in the middle. Someone always gets stuck between the two bullies when the bullies say they are going to fight.

And this time Ukraine got stuck.

But, why are western powers allowing this to happen? Why so much talk and no action?


I think Obama wants Russia to cause massive bloodshed, so he can feel ‘justified’ in a counter attack. Forget the fact that many more people would die this way.

Forget the fact that this would probably end up in a major war, maybe even WW3.

Forget the fact that a large number of Russians and Ukrainians would die needlessly.

Remember that we, the US of A, can no longer afford a major war, a drawn out war.

Obama has bankrupted US.

We cannot afford to allow Russia to invade, or start a civil war in Ukraine. We need to keep this war – CHEAP.

And the best way for a cheap war is NO WAR.

Do you think we can stop the war?


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Chinese pollution drives climate change


For years I have said, “True believers in Global Warming, now Climate Change, would move to China if they really wanted to change the future of our planet.

Well, now BBC says I was right.

BBC says Asia’s pollution is driving climate change in the Pacific and beyond.

I am amazed at how the ‘smartest environmentalists in the room’ cannot figure out simple things like how much more pollution a Chinese factory produces compared to a US factory, and how much more pollution there is in transporting from China than there is from Ohio.

But, I really think the smart environmentalists are not as dumb as they pretend.


Because most of them belong to the filthy stinking rich 1%. They do not pay their share in taxes. They exported American jobs. And THEY CAUSED global warming so they could get rich and richer.

They must be smarter than you and I are. We are not rich.

Don’t you agree?


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