Why are lesbians so fat?


The ‘research’ progressives waste our tax money on is often strange. And then they actually borrow the money to pay for strange research.

Where is the outcry?

Why aren’t people protesting this research?

Aren’t we told it is discrimination to say gays are not exactly like everyone else?

i know I have been told that.

So, why do progressives encourage spending this money proving they are different?


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Is Russia after Ukrainian Gold?


Ukraine has an interesting history. Both since man got there and before.

Ukrainian Natural Resources.

When Catherine the Great invaded, and deceived the Cossacks, she was after land and people.

Now Russia has invaded again, and they are after resources.

GOLD is one.

Several other rare earths and rare minerals are found mostly in Ukraine.

Sadly, thousands die to ensure Russia has access to scarce resources.

PS In the report, Gold is called, ‘auriferous’

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Gay murder suicide

The british can be strange at times, even when they move to America.

A ‘TV personality’ has been murdered by his former student, his son-in-law, and his former lover.

Ironically, there were only two men involved in this murder-suicide.

BBC Article.

Do you think this is strange, or normal?


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8 things Russia wants from Ukraine war

8 things Russia wants from Ukraine war:

1. Stop Obama from overthrowing democracy in Russia.

2. The rare metal mines in eastern Ukraine.

3. Heavy industry – especially aircraft and military.

4. Farmland promised to China.

5. A buffer zone of people to die for mother Russia.

6. Humiliate Obama for Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

7. Punish Ukraine for scaring his puppet Yanukovych into running.

8. The money the EU stole.

Did I miss any of your favorite reasons?


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For my Gay readers


I know some of you are gay, you have said so in the comments. And some of you just support the gay agenda.

Some of you tell me there are no injured people. All the attackers are pedophiles.

I do not know if this video is real, or if the man’s story is true. But it is most likely true.

Spider says he was groomed and used for sex when he was 12 by a ‘friend.’ Some of you will say the perpetrator was a pedophile, and others will say he was gay.

12 is at the borderline. Maybe the man was a pedophile, maybe he was gay.

Is the gay agenda willing to say, “No more hurting children or teenagers?”

Spider’s Story.

What do you say?


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Hannity kept calm interviewing a Muslim Terror Imam


We live in dangerous times.

Sean Hannity Interviews Anjem Choudary.

This ‘Imam’ is a screamer. He never answered Sean’s questions, and he never let Sean answer.

Sean impressed me by not losing his temper. Even as the supporter of terror kept yelling and interrupting.

Could you listen to a crazy guy like this and keep your cool?


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Live updated map of Russian invasion


Here is a map of the live invasion – Battle Map.


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Russia invades Ukraine


Pray for Ukraine as Russia invades.

This is CRAZY.

Russia invades Ukraine.

Please pray.


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I am blind, so I park in handicap parking


You need to hang out at Wal-Mart once in awhile.

Yes, I was told, “I am blind, so I park in handicap parking.”


How would you answer that statement?


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Four reasons progressives hate women.


I am amazed at how many ways progressives say they protect women, but when you look at the data, the data says they hate women.

I will deal with the current worst reason last.

First, women who are not married live a life much closer to poverty levels. And if she has children, she is probably in poverty.

If you want women out of poverty, you want women to become empowered by traditional marriage.

Second, continuing with this problem, single women are coerced into depending upon the Government instead of their families for support and the hope of moving out of poverty.

If you hate women, you want them on government support and in poverty.

Thirdly, by destroying the traditional family, there is a sick side effect. Women lose hope. As strange as it is. Women hope through their husbands and their children. By destroying that tradition; by attacking family and men; by teaching women they should hope in their government; women are taught that their natural wiring is wrong. So, they spend their lives trying to fix their wiring; their natural instincts; their true desires. They try to replace their natural desires with un-natural desires.

And we wonder why so many women in the USA are terribly depressed?

Lastly, Progressives want women to be raped. In a strange twist of logic, the writer of this hate piece wrote protecting women from being victimized a first and then a third time. The first way a woman is victimized because of rape is by protecting herself.


Okay, that is crazy.

But, after letting the woman become a rape victim, the writer declared that by protecting some women from being raped, you would victimize the raped women, because those women would feel guilty for not protecting themselves.

Did you get that?

More women should become rape victims so that those who are raped do not feel guilty.

I would attack that in more detail, but it is such a disgusting reasoning, I will let it speak for itself.

Does the progressive hate make you as sick as it makes me?


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