Spanish in Vienna


I think I may be the only person to do this.

But, I stumbled into a Spanish meeting in the middle of Vienna.

After wandering around, speaking Japanese, Russian, and English. I stumbled into a restaurant’s non-smoking section. As I watched the soccer match from Brazil behind me, I noticed there were not vacant tables.

So, I began to think about leaving.

When an elegant lady asked me, “You don’t speak Spanish do you?” Since she asked me in Spanish, I answered in Spanish, “No, and do you?”

She turned to the table and started to say, “I told you he doesn’t speak Spanish,” when another person said, “He answered you in Spanish.”

At which point, the whole table was interested.

And so was I. Half a dozen to a dozen people speaking Spanish every Monday at 6 PM?

In Vienna?

What a pleasant surprise.

And I must cut this short, because my brain is exhausted. My brain kept trying to jump into Russian …. I am that tired.

God bless you,


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I am tired.


If you would, please say a prayer for me.

The beast is killing me today. My left arm keeps going numb. And too many other parts to mention.

The only decent medicine is sleep – 20 hours a day for a couple days.

We’ll see if the beast lets me sleep.

Did I mention, beast is not letting me sleep well?

Thank you,

PS for those who want to know why? The weather changed.

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Pedophiles are evil


How is it that tens of thousands of pedophiles are able to use encryption to hide from law authorities?

BBC Report.

Why do the progressives help the evil pedophiles hide?

Why don’t progressives protect children?

That is what I would do.

Wouldn’t you do that?


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How do we repair US?


I just saw comments on Lisa Bloom’s Facebook page.

I realize that 60 years of progressive victories against US have empowered liberals to believe they are in the right.

But, how do we repair the damage being done?

Can we repair the damage for awhile, before we continue the progressive experiment?

I live part time in Ukraine – I love it.

The ‘liberals’ here are seduced by Hollywood’s image. They love what they see on TV. They think it is great ‘entertainment.’

They refuse to believe that people in America are changing their morals to become like the TV shows they watch.

They truly believe it is just acting.

But, it is slowly changing their society. It is damaging family. It is changing morals here.

How do we accept the benefits of progressive socialism and reject the negatives from progressive socialism?


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Why do the Elite think they can fix Islam?


I posted the following over at CNN.

I disagreed with Pres Bush’s premise, “America can fix the ME.” Bad premise.

But, his methodology worked much better than the methodology of the current regime.

Under Bush the terrorists killed several million, maybe 2 million.

Under Obama? The toll has become catastrophic. Obama and his followers are responsible for more mayhem than Iddi Amin. Soon their numbers will exceed Adolf ….


Why is it that our ‘elite’ keep getting US deeper into the next world war? Why don’t they see they are taking US into the final stages before Armageddon?

Are they really naive? Stupid? Arrogant? Or, just plain sociopathic? In other words, do they really not care about the mass murder they cause?


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Laugh and the whole world laughs with you


Why is it that outside of America, when you laugh other people just laugh with you. Why do so many people ‘want‘ to be happy.

Why don’t we ‘want‘ to be happy in the US?

Any ideas?


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Gangs destroy US, guns defend US


Lisa Bloom just got back from her vacation around the poor of Ethiopia. It made her feel good to be the Rich American visiting the poor. She even took time to visit Israel and feel good.

Why did she feel good?

She was surrounded by GUNS. Guns kept her SAFE. In the middle of the war-torn Middle East, she was surrounded by gun-toting youth. College age kids.

But, in America, she wants you and I to be stripped of our Protections, Freedoms, and Rights.

Why? She says guns kill, while she is protected by guns.


So, really, why? Because, I think she wants US to become victims of her progressive agenda.

60% of gun deaths are suicide. 80% of the ‘murders’ are gun battles by gangs.

I have blogged on this before. Here Here. And Here. And the result is simple: More of US are killed by water than by actual murder. And 2 million times each year, some of US are defended by using our guns.

Over TWO million each year. 20 Million this last decade. Over 100 million every fifty years.

Every fifty years, about 250 thousand of US are actually murdered by guns, almost that many murdered with knives and axes, and more than that are killed by drownings, and many more than that are killed by cars. And now, many more than that are killed by cell-phone using in-attentive drivers.

Under 0.0025% of the number of US protected by guns are murdered by guns.

Ban guns for the elite. Ban guns from the progressives. Ban guns around the president. Ban guns from the gangs. Ban guns from our enemies around the world.

Take guns from the police, who kill too many innocent bystanders, and too few murderous felons.

Stop the senseless drownings and slaughter by cars.

Make US safe. Make US feel safe.

And THEN talk to US about our Second Amendment being old and out of date.

Do you agree? Tell US.


PS. If you really want to fix a problem for US, fix welfare. The plague that is destroying US. White, Black, and Economic Enslavement.

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Terrorists attack border guards in Ukraine


Be praying for Ukraine.

Up to 400 terrorists attacked a border guard control station.

My estimate would place the number of attackers closer to 150 …. ?

Kyiv Post.

Please pray for peace.

Pray Russians will no longer tolerate their forces invading Ukraine.

Pray for peace.

Scary times need more prayer.

Would you agree?


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Why am I so tired?


Have you had one of those days?

How about 5 years of them?

Whew. I know, “Why I am so tired.” But, knowing the answer to “Why am I so tired” does not change being so tired.

I was going to write a much better, or at least just as good of a, blog post on something else I was thinking about.

Then I realized, I am so tired I really didn’t want to write that deep of a post. I think I would still do the topic justice. But, a deep post like that would be a lot of work.

So, what do you do when you are truly bone aching tired? What helps you?

Pain meds, a hot shower, a hot bath, a massage, or sleep?

Or, are you like I am – you hurt so much you can’t get a decent night’s sleep?

Pain meds make me sick (side effects), so I always weigh how much gain do I truly need to kill enough pain to make the gain worth the side effects.

Heat works wonders, but I got hot earlier today, so I don’t want heat right now.

Massage does not work well for me, it excites the pain centers more than it relieves the pain centers.

So, what do I do for pain? Mostly, I endure. Sometimes I read, sometimes I write, and I always spend more time in prayer.

I do not recommend you do it my way, because my way may not be the best. But, it is what works best for me.

I hope and pray you have better methods for you. And I might get lucky, and someone knows of methods that might work for me.


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The face of a gay pedophile


I have been told there is no such thing. And this is a horrid topic, so if you cannot deal with the existence of gay pedophiles, you really do not want to look at the face of a gay pedophile.

Well, here is the face of a gay pedophile.

Before, everyone argued that gay pedophiles were a thing of the past. Even though there were hundreds, if not thousands of gay priests behaving as pedophiles in the Catholic Church.

Today, that is no longer in the past. It is the present time.

So, what do we do about gay pedophiles and the people who encourage or assist them?

I say “Death Penalty.”

What do you say?

Or, are you defending the perverts?

You do realize it is one or the other? You defend the pervert, or you defend the children. There is no in between when you are dealing with this perversion.

And I admit, this is a horrid topic. But, as I have admitted in the past, I survived groping by gay pedophiles. One was a class mate, the other a neighbor. I did not like it then, and I do not like the fact that other young men and boys are raped.

What I went through was bad enough. Creepy. Survivable. But, creepy.

What this infant just went through is beyond creepy. And in my humble opinion (IMHO) the only justified sentence for these three perpetrators is the death penalty.

Oh, yes, I know all of the ‘arguments.’ But, arguments do not change what HAPPENED. FACT, a child (infant) was raped. He is punished for a lifetime.

The punishment for the perpetrators should be death.

Do you agree or disagree? If you disagree, please use a new argument.

Thank you for reading this disgusting topic.


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